Van Olst Sales 2020 postponed to the Autumn

Every spring around Easter, Van Olst Horses organizes the now famous Van Olst Sales. A successful auction in which the emphasis is on well-ridden three-year-old geldings, but in which there is also room for some very talented young riders.

Every year this collection is supplemented by a few older horses, approved stallions and very interesting broodmares.

Due to the early and busy competition and show program we have decided to postpone the auction this year to the Autumn. An additional advantage is that we can give the auction horses, who are all saddle broke, just a little more time to grow in the work and prepare them even better for the auction.

The expectation is that talented 2.5-year-old unbridled horses will also be auctioned that also come from the successful Van Olst Rearing.

The annual stallion show in Den Hout takes place this year on Good Friday, April 10, starting at 7.30 p.m.

Photo: Loverdale v. Glamourdale, price winner Van Olst Sales 2019