Chippendale-son nominated for 3rd viewing

Monday 10th December was dominated by the post-inspection in Ermelo. Here, the last stallions tried for a referral to the stallion inspection in Den Bosch which will be held from 30th January to 2nd February.

Chippendale-son Crosby received a referral for the third viewing. The older stallions follow a different route. As Crosby as a 7-year-old is competing at Intermediare I-level he was not assessed loose in the pen. In the coming period several of his offspring will be assessed by the committee. During the 3rd viewing it is decided whether an older stallion will be referred for the 5-day stable inspection in Ermelo.


Crosby: Chippendale x Ferro x Flemmingh-Breeders; TH. & J. Deenen, Heijen