Anne van Olst

Danish Olympian

Anne was born in Alborg, in Denmark. Anne was active in show jumping from a young age. Several years later that changed when she decided to concentrate on dressage. Her first competition in the Grand Prix began in 1988 with her horse at that time, Le Fiere.


Great contribution to Danish team

Since 1988 Anne has been a member of the Danish Team 17 times and has represented Denmark at the Olympic Games 5 times. Anne was Danish National Champion 3 times. Such an extremely experienced international dressage rider with a fantastic track record and a wealth of experience at Grand Prix-level, still to this day, one cannot imagine the top without her.


Current competition horses

Anne is still regularly to be seen in the ring. Her current competition horses include  Diego, Chippendale and Nespresso. The horses are given time to develop to Grand Prix-level. As well as riding, she also spends a lot of time training riders, including Charlotte Fry.