Everdale also wins freestyle in Lier

Charlotte Fry had her international debut in the U25 class with the KWPN stallion Everdale (Lord Leatherdale x Negro) in Lier. The Grand Prix was directly ahead of her and on Saturday evening, March 2, Fry added the victory in the Freestyle to that. Unanimously, the pair was placed in the lead with 75.260%. The freestyle of Charlotte Fry with Everdale went well. The stallion again impressed in the passage that resulted in 8-th. The trot evenings also yielded eight in different jury members. The total came to 75.260% and the five judges had the couple unanimously in the lead. We could not have wished for a better international U25 debut with our top stallion Everdale, who is doing his best in the highest class.


Everdale: Lord Leatherdale x Negro x El Corona-Breeder: P. Kluytmans, Tilburg



Source: Horses.nl