Negro-daughter highest score at IBOP

During the IBOP in Luttenberg in Overijssel, 15 mares succeeded. In terms of points, Lady (by Negro) scored 83.5 points with the dressage horses.

The dressage mares had a high success rate and also an outlier came forward. Veterinarian and team veterinary Edwin Enzerink came out as a breeder / registered for the only three-year-old Lady (Negro from Welcome keur IBOP dres of Krack C), who could subsequently also be declared “ster”. She collected 83.5 points in the IBOP with 9s for both the balance and the ridetability. A striking result for the mare that has to be three years old. “This well-developed mare excelled in her attitude, balance, support and workability. That was strikingly good for such a young mare. The trot and canter are with a lot of leg technique and the image is always beautiful uphill. Lady can already ride and work fantastically well, and is a generous and upward-built mare, “says inspector Henk Dirksen.

Lady: Negro x Krack C x Cocktail-Breeder; E. Enzerink, Someren