Highest points for George Clooney daughter Lily at SK Varsseveld

A studbook inspection of the Gelderland region took place on June 27th in Varsseveld. Two dressage mares earned 80 points for their presentation.

Of the 26 mares that Bart Bax and Floor Dröge judge in Varsseveld, 12 could be declared ster. “The accommodation was great, everything was well cared for and the ring looked great,” says Bart Bax. “We have seen some mares today that could be more correct in the foundation. In addition, we saw horses that were slightly downward in the hull direction, which was also reflected in the movement. ”

Two mares achieved 80 points for movement, including the mare Lily (George Clooney out of Hailey by Johnson, breeder S. Wijnveen of Winterswijk) of W. Scholten from Lichtenvoorde. This mare got 85 points for the walk, 80 for trot and 75 for canter and posture, she scored 75 points for conformation. “This is a mare with a lot of charisma that is more than sufficiently in the rectangular model. She has an appealing front with a long neck that is well muscled. The top line is strong enough and also has good muscling. In addition, the mare has a hard foundation. In step she is active, pure and has a lot of flexibility and a lot of space. The trot is light-footed, with good technique and a lot of flexibility. What struck this mare is that she does not need speed to trot correctly. The canter has a good three-act with more than sufficient balance and suppleness, she could remain a little more closed in the canter for a higher grade. ”

Negro daughter Kaitlyn Karla
Four-year-old Kaitlyn Karla (Negro from Encanta Karla elite sport PROK by Vivaldi) from breeder G. Loeters from Didam received a 70/80 header beam. “This mare is more than adequate in the rectangular model and has an appealing head. The neck looks good and has more than sufficient length, it has a nicely developed wither that extends long into the back. Kaitlyn Karla has a strong top line but could have been a little more correct in the foundation for higher points. The walk is active, pure and has good space. In the trot the mare has a good technique and a good use of the hindleg, while she can switch easily. To get higher points, she was sometimes allowed to stay a little more uphill. The canter has a good three-act and more than sufficient posture, but could use a little more body. ”

Source: MvE for KWPN