Collaboration Care4Mare, Dier-N-artsen & Van Olst Horses

Care4Mare, Dier-N-artsen and Van Olst Horses have started a partnership that will take effect immediately.

The home base for this joint collaboration is the Care4Mare company based in Molenschot (Noord Brabant). This company specializes in the care and gynecological support of mares. Care4Mare has a large number of its own surrogate mares and is well equipped with, among other things, stabling options for guest mares. The company is located on the A58, near the Bavel exit (1 km from the exit).

Until recently, Hengstenhouderij Van Olst kept the mares of its customers at its own company in Den Hout, but from now on these guest mares will be housed at Care4Mare in Molenschot.

The stallions of Van Olst Horses will remain in Den Hout and the semen will, as usual, be sent from Den Hout.

Dier-N-artsen (Oosteind), led by Drs. Rijk-Jan Pleijter has been the attending  vet practice at Hengstenhouderij Van Olst for many years. In addition to regular mare guidance, they are highly experienced and specialized in embryo transplantation and other modern reproductive techniques. Dier-N-artsen will take care of the entire mare supervision at Care4Mare and may expand with the possibilities that the new collaboration offers.

For more information: Contact person: Priscilla Verhees +31 (0) 610 512 018