Glamordale Daughter Narzar to highest score in IBOP Sonnega

With 83.5 points, Narzar (Glamourdale out of Zarzar elite IBOP-dres pref PROK by Jazz, breeder W. Smid of Nuis) owned by J. Hooge of Ees achieved the highest score of the day. This three-year-old scored 8s and 8.5s and became an instant elite mare thanks to the IBOP. “This mare stood out with three good basic gaits and a beautiful silhouette. She walks well, trots with impulsion, suppleness, good posture and a nice foreleg technique. In canter she has a lot of power, space and attitude. In addition, the image is always uphill and moves with good behavior. She is also a pleasure to ride,” says Bart Henstra.

Source: KWPN
Photo: Glamourdale