2021, a fantastic year for Everdale!

2021 was a very successful year for Van Olst Horses. Lottie achieved wonderful results with different horses. The results she achieved with Everdale, bred by Piet Kluytmans, were exceptionally good. The combination got selected for the Olympic Games in Tokyo in July, and came home with a beautiful team bronze medal. Then there were the European Championships in Hagen, where the combination managed to score no fewer than three PRs. In the end, Lottie and Everdale finished fifth here in a strong field of competitors, and there was team silver for Great Britain! Everdale is now in eighth place in the FEI Dressage World Ranking. A fantastic achievement!

But not only Everdale himself was successful this year. His offspring also did very well in sport. The first offspring of Everdale are now competing at Small Tour level:

Inclusive (Everdale x Uptown) & Charlotte Fry, Small Tour, bred by R. Enting

Especial (Everdale x Vivaldi) & Charlotte Fry, Small Tour, bred by C.J.J. van Bavel

Imhotep (Everdale x Vivaldi) & Charlotte Dujardin, Small Tour, bred by T. Huizing

Idwinaretto (Everdale x Johnson) & Hubert Jankowski, Small Tour, bred by P. Dolfsma

Inverness (Everdale x Johnson) & Brecht d’Hoore, Small Tour, bred by Y.M.M. van Maasacker

Inspire (Everdale x Don Romantic) & Brecht d’Hoore, Small Tour, bred by Carmeliet-Leybaert

Joey v.d. Fuik (Everdale x Pion) & Dominique Filion, Small Tour, bred by MTS Stal de Fuik

I am Sam RS2 (Everdale x Krack C) & Seth Boschman, Small Tour, bred by K. Retera

Inxs van de Wolfshoeve (Everdale x Rousseau) & Ali Potasky, Small Tour, bred by J.A.M van der Horst-Meeus

Inferno (Everdale x Trento B) & Quinty Vossers, Small Tour, bred by J. Gloudemans

Imposant (Everdale x Contango) & Laurens van Liere, Small Tour, bred by G.H. de Vries-Teeuwen

Jerrydale (Everdale x Havidoff) & Sophie Taylor, Small Tour, bred by I.M.C. Schel-Schippers

Ilionne (Everdale x Hotline) & Julia Lee Barton, Small Tour, bred by D. Pigmans-Schouten

Irintha (Everdale x Tenerife VDL) & Ali Potasky, Small Tour, bred by R. van Erp

Inspiration (Everdale x Calido I) & Marije de Lange, Small Tour, bred by M.R. Hanswijk en L. Hanswijk-Bingley

Ikke (Everdale x Unaniem) & Viktorie Kudelova, Small Tour, bred by A. van Kemenade

Ilias v/h Trichelhof (Everdale x Negro) & Evy de Haan, Lichte Tour, gefokt door R. Bries

Jarina des Vallées (Everdale x Sandro Hit) & Barbara Clement Klinger, Small Tour, bred by H.B.G. Holleman-Hilderink

Jackpot (Everdale x Jazz) & Jeroen Devroe, Small Tour, bred by J. Groenendijk

Jillz (Everdale x Florencio) & Nicole de Leeuw, Small Tour, bred by J. Andre and J. Janssen


Just Me (Everdale x Riverman) & Romee Driessen, ZZ-zwaar, bred by H.A.M. van den Bogaard

Infinity Win T (Everdale x Jazz) & Roy First, ZZ-zwaar, bred by A.M.T Toonen Arts

It’s Easy (Everdale x Havel) & Marieta Doornwaard, ZZ-zwaar, bred by L. Lub

Everian L (Everdale x Hochadel) & Anna Kasprzak, ZZ-zwaar, bred by K. Bundgaard


There are also many upcoming talents, such as:

Jackpot v/h Trichelhof (Everdale x Negro) & Kebie van der Heijden, bred by R. Bries

Evergreen (Everdale x Don Havidoff) & Lisa Müller

Jackson (Everdale x Negro) & Charlotte Fry, bred by Van Olst Horses

Evegro (Everdale x Negro) & Lotje Schoots, bred by Van Olst Horses

Iondale (Everdale x Donnerhall) & Martha Jobling-Purser, bred by H.A.B. Hutten

Jemima LH (Everdale x Don Gregory) & Marten Luiten, bred by R.J. Lickley

Jacatra’s Roos (Everdale x TCN Partout) & Patrick van der Meer, bred by stal Jacatra

Kalypso Mansolein (Everdale x Leonardo Da Vinci) & Sarah di Bella, bred by stoeterij Mansolein

Kajool (Everdale x Vivaldi) & Jan Zamec, bred by J. Vloet

Kingsdale (Everdale x Negro) & Kirsten Beckers, bred by Van Olst Horses

Join me de Massa (Everdale x Rieto) & Eric Guardia Martinez, bred by M. Sylvain Massa

Jacobus (Everdale x Pacific) & Severo Jurado Lopez, bred by L. Reijnierse


We would like to congratulate the breeders, owners and riders of these horses with the results achieved!