Kjento hengst

Kjento KWPN-Autumn inspection Performance Test star with 90 points!

Kjento: a superstar is emerging! We proudly present our recently KWPN-approved stallion Kjento. The sturdy, black, 3-year-old Kjento (Negro x Jazz x Juventus x Rubinstein I x Doruto x Heidelberg x Amor) showed himself outstandingly during the performance test.

Kjento is a generously-developed stallion with power and effusion and 3 exceptional basic paces, in which he stands out with his ‘takt’. His rideability and trainability are fantastic and he is always highly-focused on his rider. A horse with high expectations for the future, both for stud duties as well as for the top sport, bred out of an extremely strong family of champions.
This stallion’s dam is the top-mare Zoriana, daughter of the preferent Grand Prix dressage stallion Jazz, and is from the very successful breeding programme of the van Os family in Sprang Capelle. She holds the predicates elite, IBOP-(dress) and preferent. In the IBOP, as a young horse, she had very high scores. The trot was awarded a 10.0! For canter, elasticity and rideability she scored a 9.0. Carriage, balance and talent were awarded a 9.5.
Sire Negro needs little introduction as preferent top-producer and true Grand Prix horse producer.

KWPN Inspection report
Kjento is an honest, reliable, rider-focused stallion with an excellent temperament. The stallion is very willing to work and is very easy to work with. The walk is active, clear-cut and has good scope with good use of the body. The trot is very powerful, has good scope with a an extremely active hind leg that comes under well and carries very well. The canter is uphill, very powerful with very good self-carriage and scope. Kjento moves with good ‘takt’ and has very good leg action, self-carriage and balance; his great ability to collect attracts positive attention. As a dressage horse Kjento is very talented and gives his rider a good feeling.

KWPN Breeding/suitability advice.

Kjento can improve movement, scope, use of body, rideabilty and temperament and can contribute ability to close/collect to dressage horse breeding.
Kjento scored the following points:

Walk: 8.5

Trot: 9.0

Canter: 9.5

Elasticity: 9.0

Self-carriage/balance: 9.0

Rideability/temperament: 9.0

Talent: 9.0

Total: 90 points