Everdale-daughter scores highest points

During the IBOP test in Oosteind last Tuesday 18th December, the Everdale-daughter Kahlua scored the highest points.

This elegant mare showed herself to have great allure and carriage and allowed herself to be easily ridden by our stable rider Juan Rodriquez Carvajal. For the trot, canter, carriage and rideability she scored an 8.5. Her final score totalled 81 points. Juan also rode Kayleigh NA to a splendid score of 80 points. The Negro-daughter scored an 8.0 for each of the sections.

IBOP Oosteind

Kahlua: Everdale x Scandic-Breeders; J.& S. van Eekeren, Bergen op Zoom (81 points)

Kayleigh NA: Negro x Lord Leatherdale-Breeder; N. van Rooijen, Lage Zwaluwe (80 points)

Kalua: Negro x Montreal-Breeder; P. van de Brandt, Volkel (76 points)

Izzy-Lo: Chippendale x Polansky-Breeder; J. Rodenburg, Ouderkerk aan den IJssel (80 points)


IBOP Tolbert

K-Pax MG: Lord Leatherdale x Oscar-Breeder; M. Overberg, Heerde (77 points)

Jutah: Everdale x Gribaldi-Breeder; M. Holwerda, Drachtster Compagnie (76.5 points)