Topscore Inclusive in Prix St. George

Charlotte Fry and the KWPN-approved Inclusive (Everdale x Uptown, breeder Fam. Enting from Grolloo) started at the Subtop assessment and measurement moment (unofficial show because of Corona 19) in Beesd and scored a fantastic 73.897% in his second start in the Prix St. Georges. Just before all the shows were cancelled, the dark brown stallion made his debut in this class and then scored just under 64%.

“The period of training at home has done Inclusive very well,” says rider Charlotte Fry enthusiastically. “We started preparing him for the Grand Prix at home and paid attention to the piaffe and passage work, but also to the single changes. He finds that very easy to do, just like his father Everdale. ”

Fantastic feeling

“Thanks to the Grand Prix work he has become a lot stronger and as a result he has made a lot of progress in the Small Tour work. In Beesd he scored the highest percentage so far and he gave me a fantastic feeling. He was super concentrated. Inclusive is a hot horse and previously wanted to get sharp in the ring, but today he was completely there. ”

Ones and nines

That great feeling was also rewarded by the judges. “I had several nines on the protocol, including the extended trot, the shoulder-in and a pirouette. On the other hand, I also had some expensive failures, but that was entirely my own fault, ”Fry admits laughing. “After the extended canter, I didn’t keep up with him, causing him to trot. Because I missed a flying change, there was a 1 on the protocol. In addition, I had a small mistake in the extended trot.

Worthy successor

Fry considers Inclusive a worthy successor to his father Everdale, with whom she has quickly become a potential contender in the British dressage team. “Like his father, Inclusive likes to work. He always gives everything and I would love it if he developed like this! ”

World Championships in Verden

In the coming period, Fry wants to start the stallion of Gertjan and Anne van Olst a number of times in the Small Tour. “It is of course a bit uncertain for this year, but I also hope to ride him at the World Championship for Young Dressage Horses in Verden at the end of the year,” said Fry.

Source: Horses