Great results for Elegance s. Negro at Spanish Championships

At the Spanish championships that took place last weekend, Beatriz Ferrer Salat entered Elegance, bred by Van Olst Horses, in the Grand Prix.  Elegance descends from top sire Negro and his mother is the Small Tour and NMK mare Reina (sport name Roos) s. Monaco x Sultan x Lector. Reina has already produced several offspring including the Small Tour classified Dereina (sport name Doortje Subtilia) s. Negro.

Full sisters of these two horses have produced the talent Kingsdale v. Everdale and the NRPS approved stallions Evegro and Irvin. From the direct dam line also descent the approved stallions Goldstar and Ferro and the international sport horses Pablo, Zian van Breederlust, Alonso, Dickens, Victor and Ferro.

In the Spanish championship, the combination Elegance and Beatriz Ferrer Salat managed to achieve a percentage of 76.47% which resulted in the first place.