Negro hengst

Best score IBOP Berlicum for Negro daughter Linskymorijke

Despite all of the Corona measures, an IBOP took place in Berlicum last week. Due to these measures and the high number of participants, the IBOP was divided over two days. On the first day the highest scored mare was Linskymorijke (Negro x Krack C), who achieved 84.5 points. Linskymorijke (damm is Evymorijke elite IBOP-dres sport-dres d-oc s. Krack C) is bred and owned by the Schellekens family from Schijndel.

Ridden by Marielle Spierings, Linskymorijke scored nines for trot, canter, posture & balance and rideability & workability to a total of 84.5. “This Negro daughter is a very beautiful mare, which we subsequently entered into the studbook with 85 points for confirmation and declared “star”. She is uphill build, has a good ground covering model and a lot of front. She trots with a lot of suppleness, technique and self-carriage. In addition, she can easily collect, while always staying on the hind leg. In the canter she has a lot of balance, she is uphill and can collect easily. It is without a doubt a very special horse! ” said inspector Toine Hoefs.

The George Clooney daughter Komma d’Or (out of Gynola M ster PROK s. Rousseau, breeders J. van Stokkom from Made and B.C. van der Hoorn from Drimmelen) owned by Henk Rootveld also passed with 80 points. This “star” mare received an 8.5 for her rideability. “Comma d’Or has a great willingness to work, her walk has a great rhythm, good ground cover and suppleness. Her good posture is striking in the trot and she has a lot of freedom in the shoulders and suppleness. She has a good balance in the canter.

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Photo: Negro