Studbook inspection Den Hout

Yesterday a studbook inspection took place at Van Olst Horses in Den Hout, where 13 horses were presented, of which 10 became stars. Among these horses there were also offspring of the stallion Inclusive (s. Everdale x Uptown, breeder fam Enting from Grolloo). Since many of these horses have a dam line with too few predicates and / or sport, it was not worth the investment to prepare them for the stallion inspection.

Six of these geldings were presented where 5 of them received ‘ster’, whereby the horse that did not become a ‘ster’ managed to achieve 80 points for the movement. Since a ‘ster’ ‘statement’ is the same as an invitation to the 2nd round of the stallionshow, 5 horses would appear in the second round viewing.