Special weekend lays behind us.

Last weekend was completely dominated by the international start of the competition season in Hagen am Teutoborger Wald. After all Covid restrictions and the outbreak of the Rhino virus, this was the first opportunity for many riders to compete. A CDI was organized on the impressive showgrounds of the Kasselmann family. In the corridors this was already called the “Olympic Games” in Hagen, given the names on the starting list.

Our stable rider Charlotte Fry took part in this competition with Everdale and Glamourdale.

Everdale was allowed to kick off in the Grand Prix, which was the qualification for the Kur. Because it was the first time after a long time, the routine might have missed a little bit, but almost flawlessly Lottie was able to lead the black pearl through the test. In the end there was a very deserved 73.804% on the scoreboard which ultimately resulted in a fifth place.

After this, it was time for Glamourdale to make his international debut in the Grand Prix that counted as qualification for the Special. This special also counts as a team competition during the Olympic Games and so the competition was fierce. In the second Grand Prix of his life, Glamourdale and Lottie managed to put down a super test. Highlights were of course the extended trot and the canter. But the duo also showed that all exercises with the highest degree of collection are no problem at all. Ultimately, this debut was judged with a score of 74.456%, which was good for a seventh place.

Saturday was the day of the special and the kur to music. First was the GP special on the program, where Glamourdale had to start early in the class. That this test might suit him even better than the regular test was evident from the score of 76.404% and a final fifth place. In short, a very successful performance of his very first Grand Prix Special!

Later that evening Everdale started his Freestyle. Under the atmospheric artificial light, Everdale was at its best and absolutely stood out! On the well-fitting music the duo showed one highlight after another, which ultimately resulted in a huge 81.770%, which also meant a new personal record for Everdale and Lottie.

Photo: Petra Kerschbaum