What’s the best way to end your day?

What’s the best way to end your day at a competition? By winning the last class as the last starter with a top score of 76.674%! That’s what Charlotte Fry just did in the three-star Grand Prix in Compiègne. With Everdale, the black champion of Lord Leatherdale x Negro bred by P. Kluytmans from Tilburg, she showed that they’re in great form. In Exloo two weeks ago they managed to achieve 0.1% more, but the gap with today’s number two was no less than 3%.

Severo Jurado Lopez is also present and has the Negro son Fendi T, breeder fam. Timmers from Volkel, under the saddle. In their second international Grand Prix they managed to achieve a nice score of 71.109%. During their debut in Hagen, the pair managed to achieve a score of 68.391%. In short, a very good improvement of their PR in this class!

Tomorrow morning the program will continue with the Grand Prix Special at 8.00 am where these horses will again compete. After this class, the Nation Cup will take place where Lottie will compete with Dark Legend.