Negro in the lead at HorseTelex Results Ranking

Since the arrival of the HorseTelex Results Ranking (2015), only one KWPN stallion has topped this list. Johnson took the top position in the world ranking for 2020. Now Gertjan van Olsts Negro (Ferro x Variant) is in the lead. And he also owes this position in large part to Van Olst personally: many of the children who collected points in the ranking for their father have a link with Van Olst.

Kastel’s Nintendo (ds. Monaco) ridden by Charlotte Jorst was owned by Van Olst as a young horse and was trained by Anne van Olst, and the same goes for Charlotte Heerings Bufranco (Negro x Zevenster) and his brother Alfranco ridden by Sarah Higgins. Severo Jurado Lopez’ Olympic horse Fendi T (Negro x Lester) is still owned by Van Olst and Beatrice Ferrer-Salats Tokio horse Elegance (Negro x Monaco) was bred by Van Olst.

A total of 19 Negros competed in international dressage last year (September 2020 – September 2021). In addition, 21 grandchildren collected points (half awarded) for their grandfather, including Van Olst’s Grand Prix stallions Chippendale (Lord Leatherdale x Negro), Everdale (Lord Leatherdale x Negro), who won team bronze with Charlotte Fry in Tokyo and Glamourdale ( Lord Leatherdale x Negro), who made an impressive debut this year in the international Grand Prix.


Photo: Negro and World champion Kjento