Team GB wins silver in Herning!

The World Equestrian Games started yesterday in Herning (Denmark) with the Grand Prix dressage. Charlotte Fry and Glamourdale, breeder Fam, Rodenburg from Ouderkerk a.d. Amstel, will start here. This Grand Prix test is the team test where the medals will be given to the best scoring coutnries. The best 30 combinations from this test will start in the Grand Prix Special on Monday where the first individual medals will be awarded.

On Saturday, Gareth Hughes and Richard Davison started on behalf of Team GB and were able to establish a good basis for the team. On Sunday it was Charlotte Dujardin’s turn with Imothep. What is special is that this Imhotep is a son of our stallion Everdale!

Lottie entered the ring with Glamourdale as the last starter for team GB. The burly black entered the ring imposingly, stood still like a statue and left like a king to begin his trial. Highlights in his test included the extended trot and passage. Tens were given for the changes every two strides, the extended canter but also for the last line in the test where the piaffe and passage were shown. In the end the score came to 80.838! Another new personal record for Charlotte Fry and Glamourdale and for the first time a score over the magical 80%!

And then the waiting for the other countries started. Denmark and Germany are the countries also competing for the medals. Denmark, who started this championship as the favorite, took 1st place, Great Britain got 2nd and Germany became 3rd.

In the final result Lottie became 2nd!!

Photo: Jon Strout