Lottie and Glamourdale in a league of their own in London

After the two gold medals at the World Cup in Herning last August, Charlotte Fry returned to the ring today at the World Cup competition in London with Glamourdale (by Lord Leatherdale x Negro, breeder Mr. Rodenburg). It was a dream comeback: the top score of 84.026% appeared on the boards for the “short” Grand Prix, another new personal best for Lottie.

Lottie and Glamourdale’s test was rewarded with a whole series of eights and nines. The ultimate ten appeared for seven parts: the entry and halt, the extended trot, the two tempies and the one tempies, the extended canter, the first passage on the AC line and the last halt. She was placed as number 1 by the entire jury corps. With a score of 84.026%, the combination was more than five percent ahead of the nr 2 combination.

Source: Horses.nl

Photo: Arnd.nl