KWPN stallionshow stallion approvals

The stallion show in Den Bosch on Friday and Saturday started both days with the second viewing of the young dressage stallions. During this second viewing, 5 of our stallions were invited for the presentation later in the day and for the performance test.

The following stallions are invited:

cat nr 370, Power Dancing s. Glamourdale x Johnson bred by F. Hoogenboom from Lemelerveld,
cat nr 373, Princeton s. Glamourdale x Don Schufro bred by Stal Willig from Abcoude,
cat nr 448, Pjento Naomie s. Kjento x Desperado bred by A. Beerens from De Moer,
cat nr 449, Perle s. Kjento x Tuschinski bred by L. Heida from Oldeholtpade.
cat nr 463, Paddington Geuzenhof s. Lantanas x Krack C bred by Sandra Makenschijn from Chaam.

From this group of stallions, both Power Dancing and Perle were invited to come back later and they were elected as premium stallions!

In addition to these stallions, 2 other sons of Glamourdale and 1 son of Kjento were invited for the performance test.