The Saturday in Compiegne

After the victories of Lars in the 3* Grand Prix and Jackson in the Prix St. George, Everdale was the first horse to enter the arena on Saturday for his Grand Prix test in the 5* competition.
Everdale his last competition was in Mechelen in December last year and Compiegne was therefore the first (outdoor) competition of this year. Fresh as ever, he went through the test, where it was noticeable that the whole exuded a little more ease than in Mechelen. For example, the piaffe was even more powerful, even more in rhythm and with even more balance, the canter changes scored several nines and nines were also given for the pirouettes. The final score of the duo was 77.413% and a second place.

Then it was Jackson’s turn to make his appearance in the Intermediare I. The son of Everdale, who was bred by Van Olst Horses out of the full sister of the Olympic horse Elegance, made a few small mistakes which pushed the score a little, bringing the total to 72.382%, which is still a very good score. With these points, the duo ended up in third place, 0.3% behind number 2 and 0.5% behind number 1.
The first place was taken today by that other son of Everdale in this class, Everian L ridden by Anna Kasprzak.

On this busy day for Lottie, the Freestyle was also on the program with Lars van de Hoenderheide. The chestnut with its striking broad blaze seems to be born for the highest level. With all the ease in the world he shakes one exercise after another up his sleeve in which he does not seem to have any weak points. If you score no lower than a seven and your highest score is a 9.5 then you have no weaknesses. The score came out at 81.210%, a well-deserved first place and more than 4% difference with the number 2.

Photo: Everdale