Qualifier World Championship Young Dressage Horses

On Tuesday 5 July, the last selection was ridden for the World Championships for young dressage horses, which will be held in Ermelo this year.

Van Olst Horses had three “irons in the fire” in the five-year-old class:
Everest, Especial x Negro, bred by Van Olst Hores and ridden by Phoebe Peters,
Nalegro, Painted Black x Negro, bred by the Hanse family from Burgh-Haamstede and Van Olst Horses and ridden by Charlotte Fry,
Nacho, Negro x Krack C, breeder S. Maakenschijn from Chaam and ridden by Charlotte Fry.

All three horses showed themselves as expected and then it’s a matter of waiting to see what the selection committee would decide…

Both Everest and Nalegro have been selected to participate in the World Championship and Nacho is reserve! Very proud that two self-bred horses under two different riders have been selected to participate in this event!

Photo: Everest