Jessica Leijser scores over 71%: ‘It could actually be even better’

Jessica Leijser rode the six-year-old Kashmir at the Subtop competition in Nederweert with a beautiful score of 71.45% to a clear victory in ZZ-Zwaar test 37. The Grand Prix rider thinks the homebred Glamourdale son is the best horse she has ever ridden. “I’ve never had a horse like this under the saddle, he’s really a natural talent and does everything so easily,” she says happily.

Kashmir made his debut in the ZZ-Zwaar class at the beginning of October. Today in Nederweert he passed the magical 70% limit for the first time. “And it could actually be even better”, his rider starts laughing at her story. “I think Kas can do anything for an eight, but he really excels in the extended trot and canter, the pirouettes and the series. Today I wanted to ride the changes in one of the series even bigger and then I got an expensive mistake. In addition, there is still progress to be made in the trot work. If he can keep a bit more calm a little more, especially in the half passes, the score can really go up even further.”


“Kas is a real natural talent and does everything so easily. He is very willing to work and always wants to do everything for me. But can also be a joke. He’s a little scared of other horses, and even though he sees them every day, they’re still exciting,” she adds with a laugh. “But that just makes him extra fun.” Leijser bred the Glamourdale son out of the Vivaldi daughter Future Lady. “He went to the KWPN Stallion Inspection at the age of 2.5 and in the run-up to that I already saw that he was not just one.”

Not quite ready for yet

“Kas was then saddle-broken at the age of three and his quality was already clearly visible.” Last year he scored 80 points in the Pavo Cup selection of the West region in Houten and he took part in the selection process for the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses. “We got there until the last round. I could agree that we were not selected. He had to get stronger and he wasn’t quite ready yet.”

Focus on World Championships for Young Dressage Horses

Leijser hopes to qualify for the Championships next year. “In consultation with my instructor Joyce van Rooijen-Heuitink, I have decided to let Kas gain experience at ZZ-Zwaar level for the foreseeable future. The tests at the World Championships for seven-year-olds are similar to that. In addition, I would love to ride the Dutch championship with him next year. But first he gets a break, the bow can’t always be tense.”

A lot of demand

“At home in training I occasionally take a piece of the Big Tour work with me. He does that effortlessly. That is reason for me to be extra careful with it, he is still so young and he must also be given the time he needs. But I do think he is really one for the Grand Prix work. The only downside of having such a good horse is that there is a lot of demand for it, and the question is whether I can keep it that long.”

From own breeding

Leijser, who was already successful in the Subtop with several horses, has five more horses to ride in addition to Kashmir. “These are mostly four- and five-year-olds, most of them from own breeding. Five foals will be born next year. Two of them are from Glamourdale. I love that stallion, but I always choose stallions that best suit the mare. So there is often variation,” says Leijser.


Glamourdale hengst

Glamourdale rocks stallionshow in Verden

Last Sunday there was a stallion show in Verden for “private stallion owners” from Germany and the Netherlands.

At the invitation of the Hanoverian Studbook, Glamourdale was invited to present himself as the closing of the evening. The German breeders can be described as connoisseurs who do not hide their appreciation for a horse. During the presentation of the stallions, the crowd showed its enthusiasm regularly, but the real apotheosis came when that one black stallion entered the arena…

Below a short video of Glamourdale during his performance:

Glamourdale majestic in Inter I CHIO Aachen + VIDEO

Friday night, July 19, Glamourdale (Lord Leatherdale x Negro) and Charlotte Fry started for the second time in Aachen. In the Intermédiaire I the former champion KWPN Champion went on the 80%.

In the Small Tour coming 80% but rarely and in Aachen are also not the least members of the jury. Glamourdale later did it tonight with Charlotte Fry and scored another thick 80 also: on 80.412%, the five jury members and Magnus Ring mark from Sweden even came to 82.206%. Gertjan van Olst was last Thursday already deep impressed when pride ourselves Glamourdale (Lord Leatherdale x Negro) won the Prix St. Georges. Horses he had already previously in Aachen, but a horse that has never won. “And that is very special,” he said just after the prize-giving ceremony of the Prix St. Georges.







Glamourdale wins Small Tour Aachen with force majeure

During the CHIO Aachen that started today with the Small Tour, the victory went unanimously to World Champion Glamourdale (Lord Leatherdale x Negro) with Charlotte Fry.

In the Prix St. Georges Prize or VUV-Vereinigte Unternehmerverbände Aachen, Glamourdale scored the first 2 tens of the 2019 edition. The large-scaled trotting halfpasses and the very impressive canter tour were good for very high points. With a 6% lead on number two, Glamourdale and Charlotte Fry are the undisputed winners.

Glamourdale: Lord Leatherdale x Negro x Ahorn-Fokker; J. Rodenburg, Ouderkerk ad IJssel

Charlotte Fry to CHIO Aken

Den Hout
Charlotte Fry is included in the English Team that will participate in the CHIO Aachen (17-21 July).

Charlotte Fry will start with Dark Legend (by Zucchero) in the CDI 5 * Tour (Team Competition). The stallion Everdale (by Lord Leatherdale) starts in the CDI 4 * Grand Prix Tour and “World Champion” Glamourdale (by Lord Leatherdale) will start in the international Small Tour categories.

DarkLegend: Zucchero x Tango x Doruto-Breeder; Fam. Nobus-De Potter, Eede
Everdale: Lord Leatherdale x Negro x El Corona-Breeder; P. Kluytmans, Tilburg
Glamourdale: Lord Leatherdale x Negro x Ahorn-Breeder; J. Rodenburg, Ouderkerk Aan Den IJssel

Everdale and Glamourdale

Den Hout 04-07-2019

By participating in the CHIO Aachen, the stallions Everdale (Lord Leatherdale x Negro) and Glamourdale (Lord Leatherdale x Negro) will only be available through frozen semen on days 18, 19 and 20 July.

Glamourdales with 85 points canter

During the studbook recording in Winschoten on July 2, two daughters of Glamourdale (Lord Leatherdale x Negro) scored remarkably high for their canter.

The Glamourdale daughter Lola (out of Ganzania BH PROK by Belissimo M, breeder M.P.H. Pouwels from Agelo) of H.A. Schaaf-Linthorst from Hellendoorn became ster with 75/80. “This is a youthful mare with charisma and a very good canter. She gallops lightly, with a lot of balance and ease, and can already change well, “says Dirksen. Lola received 85 points for the canter. The Glamourdale-daughter Keecie Waldie (out of Truwaldie ster of Gribaldi) from breeder A. Hoving of Garmerwolde obtained exactly the same points. “This is also a very good galloping daughter from Glamourdale. She is in good rectangular model and has a good front. She is very active in canter, has a lot of power, print and balance. Her light-footedness and leg technique stand out positively in the trot. ”

Source KWPN

Glamourdale daughter takes the title at CK Utrecht

A good-looking group of three-year-old dressage mares returned on Friday, June 28th for the championship inspection at the Central Inspection in Houten. Convincing champion was Lady Lamelia (Glamourdale x Dream Boy), who was in control of all competition with her strong movement.

Five mares were allowed to come back for the final, all of them handsome mares, all of which were referred to the National Mare Inspection. Lady Lamelia (from Hesmelia elite EPTM-dres PROK by Dream Boy) walked to the championship with a lot of bravado. The breeding product of Gerrit Kolback showed to possess a lot of movement quality. Jury chairman Toine Hoefs: “A mare with a lot of length, built up. The withers might be allowed to walk a little longer and we also had a small remark on the foreleg that is slightly back in the knee, but when the mare starts to move you quickly forget that. She moves with a lot of power, very nice up, with good use of the foreleg. For us she was the convincing champion today. ”Kolback was very happy with the victory. “I don’t breed that much at all, and this is my second time being at the front. The first time was here, with her mother. Actually, she was not at all as special as a foal, but last year we thought it could become a very good one, and she showed that today! ”

A Glamourdale daughter was placed fourth again. This was La Reina (out of Black Lady ster by Dutch Dormello, breeder Th. Willig from Abcoude). “A long-lined mare with a lot of variety and appearance and a beautiful front”.


Glamourdale daughter to NMK

Two dressage mares were invited to the NMK at the central inspection of the Young KWPN on June 14 in Ermelo.

There were five star mares to celebrate with the dressage horses. Three three-year-old horses returned to the CK. The very charming Lucienne (Glamourdale x UB 40) came in second. She has a lot of charisma with an extra front and a lot of print. The mare showed a few extra good moments. She became a star with twice 80 points. Third was Negro daughter Lonette KB from Kim van den Bogaard.

Kalista (Fairytale x Donnerhall) of Henk Hutten became champion of the older dressage horses, who also became an elite.

Lucienne: Glamourdale x UB40 x Farn-Breeder; Fam. van Os
Lonette KB: Negro x Flemmingh x Jazz-Breeder; K. van den Bogaard
Kalista: Fairytale x Donnerhall x Akzent II-Breeder; H. Hutten

Glamourdale en Everdale rule in Compiègne

The world champion scores in France. And how! In Compiègne, the KWPN stallion Glamourdale was the strongest in the Small Tour with force majeure. Under Charlotte Fry, the eight-year-old stallion won 77.35 percent in the Prix st. Georges, in the Intermediaire I it was 77.10 percent. Stable mate Everdale made his international debut at the highest level and was in first place in the freestyle.

“It is unbelievable what Glamourdale does in the Small Tour”, rejoices Anne van Olst. “He was a bit more tired in the Intermediaire I than in the Prix st. Georges, that is also possible with such a young horse. Glamourdale has a great attitude. He gives everything in the ring. I would not know what could be improved, I think there is no better horse in the Small Tour right now. Glamourdale has all the qualities of the world and is received positively. ”

Proven combination
Glamourdale comes from the proven combination of Lord Leatherdale from a Negro mother. Joop Rodenburg from Ouderkerk aan den IJssel bred the strongly moving black from his preferent Thuja, she is known as the full sister of the international Grand Prix horse Numberto.

Everdale international debut
The KWPN stallion Everdale (Lord Leatherdale from Aliska K elite EPTM-dres PROK, breeder P. Kluytmans from Tilburg) ran to 70.41 percent in the CDI3 * Grand Prix and was able to win  the freestyle to music with 76 percent. “Everdale was fresh,” Anne continues. “In the beginning, the trot tour was therefore a bit careful. He walked with great ease and power in the freestyle. It is his first international Grand Prix, but the ease with which he plays with the heavy exercises is great. A good day for us all! ”


Glamourdale: Lord Leatherdale x Negro x Ahorn-Breeder; J. Rodenburg, Oudenkerk aan den IJssel
Everdale: Lord Leatherdale x Negro x El Corona-Breeder; P. Kluytmans, Tilburg (foto)