Jayson (v. Johnson) KWPN-approved

From now on Jayson will go through life as a KWPN-approved stallion. The son of Johnson out of the Elite, Preferent, IBOP-dressage mare Zamora B goes back, via the preferent Negro x Wisconsin x Amor x Pericles XX, to the well-known Apollo-daughter ‘Karin’. Jayson was already approved by the NRPS. Now he’s got the KWPN-stud license too, following a splendid total score for his shortened performance test.

Jason was praised for his willingness to work and his good technique. For his canter he scored a 9.0 and his rideability and temperament were also rewarded with a 9.0. His excellent use of his hind leg and his good leg action in trot and canter attracted attention.

KWPN Inspection report
Jayson is an honest, reliable, rider-focused stallion who shows much willingness to work and has an excellent temperament. The stallion is easy to work with. The walk is clear-cut, has good scope and makes good use of the body. In trot Jayson moves with good leg action. The trot has good scope, good self-carriage and a hind leg that comes under well. The canter is very powerful, uphill, balanced and has good scope. Jayson moves with good elasticity, good self-carriage and good balance. As a dressage horse Jayson is talented to very talented and gives his rider a good feeling.

KWPN Stable behaviour

Honest reliable stallion, easy-going and quiet in the stable.


KWPN Breeding/Suitability advice
Jayson can contribute size, rideability and temperament to dressage horse breeding, as well as power and self-carriage to way of going.


He scored the following points:

Walk: 8.5

Trot: 8.0

Canter: 9.0

Elasticity: 8.0

Carriage and balance: 8.0

Rideability and trainability: 9.0

Talent: 8.5


Jayson: Johnson x Negro x Wisconsin x Amor-Breeder; W.J.P.M. Verschuren, Heukelom