Three top progenitors at 1 station

In addition to our up-and-coming young talents, the three top progenitors of our station showed themselves with great enthusiasm on Easter Monday. All 3 impressed them in their own way. The preferent Negro (by Ferro) and the preferent Painted Black (by Gribaldi). And the stallion who has since set up his own stallion line; Lord Leatherdale (by Lord Loxley) under saddle.

The emperor of our station is the now 24-year-old preferent top progenitor Negro (Ferro x Variant). Negro continues to stand out with his offspring. Last summer there were again many daughters who scored high on the studbook recordings of the KWPN. Negro crossed with today’s bloodlines continues to give a modern sport horse without losing quality. His son Kjento (mv.Jazz) is a wonderful example of this. But also new offspring of Negro continue to report at the highest level; Nespresso (mv.Tenerife) Anne van Olst, Elegance (mv.Monaco) Beatrice Ferrer Salat and River Rise Nisa (mv.Amsterdam) with Charlotte Dujardin, the rider who was unprecedentedly successful with the legendary Valegro (Negro x Gershwin). Negro also passes on his qualities as “father of the mother”. A daughter of Negro almost guarantees breeding success. Striking from Negro daughters include World Champion Glamourdale (by Lord Leatherdale), Grand Prix talent Everdale (by Lord Leatherdale), Pavo Cup winner Jameson RS2 (by Blue Horse Zack), Grand Prix winner Eddieni (by Johnson) and approved stallion Jayson (by Johnson) who is in the race for a World Cup ticket to Ermelo.

The Olympic participant Painted Black is also preferent. This 22-year-old son of the top stallion Gribaldi out of a mother of Ferro showed 2 very modern foals. The proof that Painted Black also still participates well in today’s modern dressage breeding. Painted Black showed himself super fit on Sunday and showed his impressive trotting mechanism. He has had an impressive dressage career and has started a second youth in breeding. More and more of his children break through at the highest level. Recently they are; Charming Lady (x Krack C), Don Bravour (x Chronos), Black Pearl (x Negro) and Zenith (x Krack C).

The now 16-year-old Lord Leatherdale has proven himself at Grand Prix level. The stallion with his “innovative and free” blood lines has set up his own stallion line. A special achievement that is reserved for very few stallions. It fits fantastic at our station in combination with Negro mares. The combination of Lord Leatherdale x Negro is now called “classic”. Chippendale is the first son of this combination. In the meantime, his 3 sons have been approved; Giovanni (x Scandic), Crosby (x  Flemmingh) and Imagine (x Jazz). Everdale also has 3 approved sons at the KWPN; Inclusive (x Uptown), Inverness (x Johnson) and Inspire (x Don Romantic). Van Glamourdale has meanwhile his son Lance V.O.D. (x Davino) approved in Denmark and Lennon (x Jazz) appointed at the KWPN.