Chippendale-sons win in Nispen

On Sunday April 28th our dressage stable was well represented at the subtop competition in Nispen. The Chippendale (Lord Leatherdale x Negro) sons Crosby (mv.Flemmingh) and Giovanni (mv.Scandic) both won a test.

The Prix St. Georges was won by Giovanni with Franka Loos who scored 69.04% with a neat fault-free test. The 2nd place was for debuting Antonio Liaz Zandio with Crosby. Together they scored 68.30% at their first competition. Antonio and Crosby also started Inter I and won the class immediately with 66.76%. Franka Loos finished in fourth place again, this time with De Niro-son George Clooney and achieved 66.54%. Place 5 was for Anne Van Olst, who also had her debut with Graaf Leatherdale T (66.10%).


Giovanni: Chippendale x Scandic x Negro-Breeder; C. van Etten, Galder

Crosby: Chippendale x Flemmingh x Ferro-Breeder; Fam. Deenen, Heijen

George Clooney: De Niro x Wolkentanz x Forrest xx-Breeder; U. Lahmann, Wittingen

Graaf Leatherdale T: Lord Leatherdale x Kennedy x Bustron-Breeder; W. Timmers, Volkel



Photo: Crosby en Antonio