Van Olst Sales Online now “online”

The online auction site of Van Olst Sales is online now!

On you will find the first collection of riding horses that will be auctioned on June 8. Bidding is open from Friday, June 5, 1:00 pm, and the auction closes Monday, June 8, at 8:00 pm. You can only bid after you have registered so we recommend that you do this well in advance of time.

If you are interested in one of the horses and want more information or perhaps want to try horses, this is of course possible. For an appointment, please email to If you are not able to come over because of the current Corona pandemic, we can provide you with all the info you want. It is also possible to get more video material of the horse in his daily routine.

You can also request all veterinary information via this email address. All horses have recently been clinically and radiographically inspected and a veterinary report has been drawn up in accordance with the applicable KNMvD standards.

Photo: Cat. No. 6 Mondiego