Lord Leatherdale temporarily moved to England

Den Hout- Lord Leatherdale will continue his dressage career as a junior horse for the British pony rider Isobel Lickley.

Lord Leatherdale is known as the sire of the Grand Prix stallions Everdale, Chippendale, “World Champion” Glamourdale and the young stallion Lord Europe. Under Charlotte Fry, Lord Leatherdale has successfully competed up to Intermediate II level and is registered with the KNHS in the Big Tour.

Van Olst: “Lord Leatherdale is of great value to us. Lottie has ridden him successfully in recent years, but she needs to focus more on the younger generation who are coming up. Lord Leatherdale will turn eighteen next year, and he deserves the best and most beautiful place where he can proceed his sporting career. The Lickley family have been good customers and good friends of ours for many years, they have a great accommodation where Lord Leatherdale will lack nothing. That is why we have decided to make Lord Leatherdale available to Isobel Lickley. We hope that Isobel and Lord Leatherdale will enjoy each other for a long time to come. After this sporting adventure Lord Leatherdale will return to Den Hout. “

Lord Leatherdale moved to England four weeks ago and last weekend the new combination made their competition debut. Isobel Lickley: “I’m still looking for the buttons and we had a lot of unsolicited one-tempis, but he was fantastic”, said the young rider, who also said that she had to squeeze herself every day for the past few weeks. check that she is not dreaming.