Great ending Van Olst Sales Online the Foal Edition

The third edition of the Van Olst Sales Online foal auction has just come to an end.

The auction we started to create a sales opportunity for our breeders during the Corona pandemic.

The most expensive foal, the Glamourdale daughter Rayah, is going for €17,000 to a Danish customer, who also had the last bid of € 16,000 for cat no. 24 Ravell NN who also descends from Glamourdale.

The filly Ebby, who descends from the Olympic bronze medal winner Everdale, will go to America for € 13,000. Everdale’s son, Reve de Rome, is also going to America for an amount of € 12,500,-.

A total of 26 foals were auctioned for a total amount of € 220,500,- which is an average of € 8480,-.