8 foals by Kjento and Glamourdale to the National Foal Show

The list of foals that have been invited for the National Foal Inspection is known. Among these foals are 8 foals descending from Kjento and Glamourdale:

Riverdale NA

At the first foal inspection in Belgium, the Glamourdale x Don Schufro son Riverdale NA, bred by H.A. Abels from Rillaar was crowned champion. The jury comment was: “A more than sufficiently developed foal with an appealing model. He trots with a lot of allure and leg technique and naturally shows a lot of posture. He strarts the same every time. We are delighted to invite this foal to the National Foal Inspection in Ermelo.”

Rosanieta MCB

The appealing champion of the second Belgian foal selection is Kjento daughter Rosanieta MCB (out of Harry’s Girl by Lord of Loxley). “This is a foal with a beautiful appearance, front and a strong topline”, explains Floor Dröge. In movement we see a very good techique in this foal, every stride is the same and she is very nice. In canter she has a lot of balance and good scope. In addition, this foal has a good walk.”

Risamante MCB

The reserve champion of the Belgian foal inspection is also a filly: Risamante MCB (Glamourdale out of Isamante elite D-OC v. Wynton). “This is a well-developed, long-lined foal with a lot of appearance. When this foal starts to move, we see a lot of posture, a lot of flexibility and good leg technique. She shows that she can collect very well in both trot and canter.”

Red Heat

Flevoland’s foal champion is by Kjento bred out of an Uphill dam by Teun Hassink. Together with his granddaughter he decided to go to the inspection and for good reason! “A very appealing foal with a well-muscled forequarters and a nice posture. He steps vigorously. In the trot, the impulsion and the power are very positive. He also gallops with a fine impulsion and a lot of jump”.


At the very busy Central Inspection of North Brabant, the Kjento son R-Valentin (out of the NMK champion Terlia keur IBOP-dres pref by Krack C, breeder I.P.S. Horse Group from Elshout) came second in the colts division. “This son of Terlia was born at the beginning of June and has a lot of charisma. He has a nice forehand and good muscling. He can walk well, has an extra canter and showed a lot of technique and uphill tendency in the trot.”

Ruby Rouge Bek

Ruby Rouge Bek (Glamourdale out of Moulin Rouge elite IBOP-dres D-OC van Bojengel, breeder Stal de Bekelaar of Kessel) of co-breeder R.H.J. Janssen from Angeren. “This foal also has a nice forehand, good withers and shoulders and a solid foundation. She moves with good rhythm and a lot of flexibility”.


In Zeeland, the Kjento son Racoon (out of Luna elite EPTM-dr PROK D-OC by Governor) was immediately the most striking foal. Jury chairman Floor Dröge, who judged the foals together with Marian Dorresteijn, was impressed: “A well-developed foal, long-legged with a lot of charisma. He has a good length in his body and three excellent basic gaits with a lot of quality. He shows a great posture and a good movement sequence.” He is bred by L. Verschueren from Hoek and co-registered is Trainingsstal Witte Scholten VOF Gorinchem.

Raronette KS

Raronette KS, who finished fourth in Drenthe, descends from Kjento x Gribaldi and was bred by G. Koers from Gees and D.H. Smith from Gees. This foal will make her appearance during the Van Olst Sales Online Foal Auction, which ends on August 9th at 8 pm.

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