Day 1 Aachen

On Thursday, the Aachen competition started for Lottie with the Grand Prix 4* with Glamourdale.

The former world champion made his international debut this year in the Grand Prix. During the “Weltfest des Pferdes” as the competition in Aachen is also called, they made there third start in the international competition. At the age of 10, Glamourdale is the youngest participant in this test.

A test that started with highlights in, among other things, the extended trot, followed by beautiful half-passes. Passage with a lot of tact and well off the ground with again nice transitions to the piaffe, which was shown very nicely. The canter, for which he received a 1o at the World Championship, was shown with big strides, the tempi changes were amazing, many “Oe” and “Aah” sounded from the surrounding stands. The extended canter shown by the book. The half passen in canter were also a highlight in this test. Unfortunately, Glamourdale came back a little too much in the pirouettes in canter, but these were the only two small mistakes in an otherwise amazing test. With 73.043% they placed fifth in this strong field of competitors.

On Friday evening, the duo will once again perform in this impressive stadium and then in the Grand Prix Special.