Everdale offspring also succesfull in the USA

Everdale’s offspring are starting to stand out more and more in the higher classes of dressage. His first crop is now 8 years old and in Europe we have already seen great scores and victories from these horses. But also in America the first children of Everdale are starting to get good results in Small Tour classes.
At the competition in Lexington, for example, Inxs van de Wolfshoeve ds. Rousseau bred by Annemieke van der Horst with a score of 72.059% to claim first place. He was ridden by Ali Potasky in the Inter I class. What is special is that the same rider was also able to claim second place and now with the horse Irintha who also descends from Everdale! Irintha was bred by Rene van Erp out of the keur preferent prestatie mare Zwyrintha s. Tenerife VDL who is also the dam of the NRPS approved stallion Nespresso s. Negro.

Photo: Everdale