Jessica Leijser: “I’ve never had such a good horse”

Jessica Leijser is back in the sub-top after a year of absence. She rode her self-trained Kashmir  (by Glamourdale) to a third place and 67.143% in the ZZ-Zwaar. The combination started during Geldrop Hippique in Heeze.

Promise for the future

The rider was ready for a new challenge and the black Kashmir was ready for it. “My other horse was sold and I thought it was a bit boring. I haven’t ridden many national competitions in recent years. I actually want to go back to the subtop again, the six-year-old was ready and I thought ‘let’s go for it!’ Despite some tension and some mistakes, we could already start with this score. That promises something for the future,” says Jessica.

Self-bred and trained

“The extended gaits in both trot and canter and the tempi changes were the highlights of the test. The trot halfpasses also scored good points,” she says. The black Kashmir is bred and trained by herself. “I have never had such a good horse as this one. He is still very young but he has so much talent for higher work. He plays with the exercises and it comes easily to him. Now I thought, I’m going to ride it nicely ZZ-Zwaar to gain experience. Next year we will make the step up to the Small Tour and I want to take him internationally as well.”

Natural talent

“Kashmir is a real natural talent. I regularly get questions about that horse, so whether I have him in the stable for another year is the question. But until then, I’m enjoying him immensely. My other horses are still young, so it will take a few more years before I can ride in the subtop again,” she says. “The judges were also very enthusiastic. Something really comes in and they thought he was a very good horse. The tension still has to come off and the mistakes removed and then it is certainly a horse that can score 75%. But it has to happen first. Now it’s a matter of putting miles on it and gaining experience.”

Source: Hoefslag

Photo: Glamourdale