stallionshow 2023

Beautiful weather, a fantastic audience, stallions who showed themselves unbelievably good and very young foals who stole the hearts of many visitors. In short, everything for a top stallion show!

What a beautiful day it was! After the corona pandemic of recent years, we were able to organize a real stallionshow in Den Hout again this year. Last year we decided last minute to have a show that was well attended but we thought it could get a bit busier this year…
At half past ten in the morning the first visitor was in the yard, but at a little before two there was a traffic jam from the village off Den Hout to Van Olst Horses! The stands filled up and when everyone had found a place around the ring, the show could finally start at 2.15 pm! The stallions followed each other at a brisk pace, with Gertjan commenting on each stallion. Bert de Ruiter announced the stallions in his well-known way and he provided the audience with all the necessary information.
All the stallions showed themselves in a really good way, some off them needed a little time to get used to this atmosphere, but showed their talents impressively.

Due to some technical issues the live stream wasn’t fully working. We’ve organized a full English stream with English commentary which wasn’t working at the last moment. We will translate the dutch stream with the commentary of Gertjan and subtitle it and put in online asap.

Below a small impression of the day, more photos and videos will follow later this week!