Lottie and Glamourdale win the 5* at Fontainebleau

If the two tempi’s of World Champion Glamourdale (s.Lord Leatherdale) and Charlotte Fry hadn’t gone wrong (four 4s and a 3) at the new 5*CDI at Fontainebleau, Glamourdale would undoubtedly have scored an 80+ at his first competition this outdoor season. And even with this mistake, a score over 80 would have been easy to defend: because Glamourdale seems to have become even stronger and even easier and more uphill to get through a Grand Prix test. It was now just under 80% with 79.935%.

Charlotte Fry and Glamourdale (Lord Leatherdale out of Thuja stb pref perst by Negro, breeder J.W. Rodenburg of Ouderkerk aan den IJssel) immediately started the test very strong with a 10, a 9, twice an 8.5 and an 8 for the mighty extended trot . And apart from the mistake in the twos, Glamourdale continued at a high level, with so much suppleness and balance. In addition to two 10s, more than 30 9s adorned her protocol. The jury members Eddy de Wolff van Westerrode (at H, 82.391%) and Isobel Wessels at C (80.435%) gave Fry and Glamourdale above 80%, the other three judges scored a fraction under the 80%.