Big scores for Charlotte Fry with Inclusive and Especial: ‘Very cool that I ride two Everdales in the Grand Prix’

Charlotte Fry stood out today in the Grand Prix at the Subtop competition in Hoek van Holland. With Inclusive (by Everdale) she won the class with a score of 72.717% and with Especial, also a son of Everdale, she came second with a total of 71.413%. “Both horses went very well and showed their talents,” says Fry, who not only had the highest score in the class, but also the highest score of the day. “This is a really nice start to the summer season with these two.”

It was the first time outside for both horses and although that was still a bit exciting, they both let themselves be ridden well. “I always find it a little easier for the horses at an international competition because they are there for a few days and have a little more chance to get used to it, but I really couldn’t be more satisfied today,” continues Fry. “Inclusive thought it was a bit exciting for the first time outside, but he showed himself very well in the test. He has a huge talent for the piaffe and passage and we had nines for that on the protocol today. There were some small things that I can do better myself, but overall it was a really nice test.”

Getting stronger

In addition to the good points for the piaffe and the passage, the duo also received good points for the canter part. “I notice in the test that I can ask more of Inclusive every time and that it is becoming easier and easier for him,” continues the stable rider of Van Olst Horses. “He surprises me every time with that, he is of course also getting stronger. You can see this, for example, in the tempi changes, which scored  8.5s today and were really among the highlights of the test.”


For Especial it was the second time at the highest level and with him Fry was also about six percent separate from the rest of the competition. “Especial is still green at this level, but he really showed his talents today,” said Fry. “He gives a very nice feeling and, just as Inclusive, he has a lot of talent for piaffe and passage. If he gets a little more experience and stays a bit more relaxed in the test, those scores can go up a lot.”

Just like Everdale

“Of course I have several horses at the highest level and I am really very happy with that, but I also think it is really special that with these two I now also have two sons of Everdale in the Grand Prix”, says Fry proudly . “It is really nice to feel that they are very flexible and elastic just like their father and also have just as much energy. They always feel like they want to do the job and you can tell they enjoy being in the center of attention. It is very nice to work with them.”


Fry does not yet have a fixed schedule for Inclusive and Especial, but if possible she would like to take them internationally. “For me, the focus is currently mainly on Glamourdale, Everdale and Lars for the international competitions, but if I succeed I will also try to include Inclusive and Especial”, Fry looks ahead. “If those two get a little more confidence and experience, they will also be two very special ones.”


Source: Horses

Photo: Inclusive