Team GB wins gold!

After two days of dressage sports in Riesenbeck, the British team wins gold at the European Dressage Championships!
Team members Gareth Hughes with Classic Briolinca started things off on Thursday and immediately managed to achieve a very good score of 74.565%! After this it was Carl Hester’s turn with Fame. With an absolute top test, the British “grandmaster” managed to achieve a score of 78.540%, which immediately meant a big lead over Germany at the end of the first day.

On day 2, Charlotte Dujardin was the third combination for team GB to enter the arena. With Everdale’s son, Imhotep, she delivered a top test, which resulted in a score of 82.422%.
After this it was the turn of our own Charlotte Fry with the great Glamourdale. From the first step he impressed as usual, received 10’s for various parts in trot and canter, and lived up to his nickname “Glamourdale Airlines” in the extended canter!
With a score of 81.258 they scored a big PR and a third place in the individual results.

A top performance by this team! 3 riders in the top 5 and the ‘4th’ man in 12th place. A great victory for team GB!