Silver medal for Lottie and Glamourdale

A thrilling final day of the European Dressage Championships in Riesenbeck ended with a fantastic silver medal in the freestyle to music! It was warm in the sold-out stadium, there was not a breath of wind in the field, but this did not seem to bother the audience. Every combination was encouraged and received a round of applause at the end of the test. And the further the show progressed, the louder the crowd became…

To the music of the “Best of Britain” freestyle, Lottie and Glamourdale showed what they came for, an absolute top test. And the duo was in great form!
Fantastic trot half passes, a very good passage, piaffes like clockwork and then of course the canter! Once again 10’s were awarded for the extended canter and the tempi changes! The pirouettes were also perfect and during the last AC line Lottie and Glamourdale were loudly encouraged by the audience who reinforced the beat of the music with a deafening applause!
A score of 92.379%, was a new personal best an amazing second place!