Everdale son It’s Easy succesful at ‘ZZ-zwaar’ level

Marieta Doornwaard and the 8 year old Everdale offspring It’s Easy are successful att ‘ZZ-zwaar’ level!

Last month, the combination debuted in this class, and then immediately scored 70% and 67%. Last weekend the duo started for the second time at the Subtop competition in Wapenveld. With 69.64% they almost touched 70% again.

It’s Easy (Everdale x Havel) is bred by L. Lub. The gelding lives up to its name. Marieta: ”Most horses that arrive at this level require encouragement, but with him that is not necessary. He really likes the job. He does the exercises very easy, but everything depends on his focus, so it’s up to me to be clear and keep his attention. He has a lot of talent and got for example nines for the flying changes. Truly a dream horse!”

Source: horses.nl