Great results for Elegance s. Negro at Spanish Championships

At the Spanish championships that took place last weekend, Beatriz Ferrer Salat entered Elegance, bred by Van Olst Horses, in the Grand Prix.  Elegance descends from top sire Negro and his mother is the Small Tour and NMK mare Reina (sport name Roos) s. Monaco x Sultan x Lector. Reina has already produced several offspring including the Small Tour classified Dereina (sport name Doortje Subtilia) s. Negro.

Full sisters of these two horses have produced the talent Kingsdale v. Everdale and the NRPS approved stallions Evegro and Irvin. From the direct dam line also descent the approved stallions Goldstar and Ferro and the international sport horses Pablo, Zian van Breederlust, Alonso, Dickens, Victor and Ferro.

In the Spanish championship, the combination Elegance and Beatriz Ferrer Salat managed to achieve a percentage of 76.47% which resulted in the first place.

Everdale in good shape

A World Cup dressage competition will take place in Lyon in France at the end of October. In preparation for this competition, Charlotte Fry started with Everdale during the Subtop dressage competition in Den Hoorn at the beautiful location of the Fam. Chardon. Here the black impressive stallion turned out to be in good shape. With a total score of 77.28%, the combination won the competition.

Everdale son Inclusive also entered the show, but now in the Prix st. Georges and the Inter I. The stallion, bred by the Enting family from Grolloo, scored in the Prix st. Georges no less than 68.97% and managed to score even higher in the Inter I, a firm 70.15%. This again resulted in two first places!

Photo: Everdale

Grand Prix debut Severo Jurado Lopez and Fendi T

Last weekend, Severo Jurado Lopez made his “Grand Prix debut” since he became an independent entrepreneur. For this debut he saddled the Negro son Fendi T, bred by the Fam. Timmers from Volkel out of the ster mare Sursela s. Lester. It was also a debut at this level for Fendi T after he was successfully shown by Charlotte Fry in the Small Tour (photo).

During this national competition Severo and Fendi T managed to achieve an excellent score of almost 73%!

Highest point in IBOP Panningen for Negro daughter Icecream

Negro daughter Icecream, bred by B.A.M. and A.A.C. Scholte-Plasman from Vlijmen and owned by S.W. Versteijnen from Berkel Enschot scored 82.5 points ridden by José van Haaren. For trot, canter, rideability and workability and talent as a dressage horse, she scored 8,5’s. Afterwards she could also be registered in the studbook with 75 points for conformation, hereby she was declared ster and keur. “This is a mare that moves with a lot of activity in her legs. She has a nice use of the frontleg and trots with a lot of power from the hindleg. She is very expressive and easy to ride. The canter is characterized by a strong use of the hindleg and an uphill image. ”

Photo: Negro

Source: KWPN

Good results in young horse competitions

Last weekend there were several competitions that were organized for young dressage horses.

In Haaksbergen the annual talent competition for 3, 4, 5 and 6 year old dressage horses took place during the “Zilveren Ster”. In the biggest class of this day, of the 4 year olds, George Clooney daughter Lemora H, managed to claim the second place. Lemora H, elite, was bred by JWH Huurneman from Groenlo out of the Zhivago daughter Gitana La Promesa and is owned by S. Horstik from Varsselder and was ridden by her daughter L. Roeterink.

A big group of horses started at the Pavo in Berlicum, so big it was necessary that a double jury corps judged all the horses. In the four-year-old division there was an absolute top score of 86 points for Layla (Glamourdale out of Zhakira ster provisional keur by Rousseau, breeder H. van den Bogaard of Aarle Rixtel). She was ridden by Jamy Ummels. “This is a mare with a strong model, she is nicely built upwards. She has a very clean walk with a lot of suppleness in the body. She also trots with a lot of suppleness, she easily does leg yielding and has a lot of balance. The canter is very nice uphill, she shows a very nice silhouette and does not need any speed. She takes a lot of bottom and finishes the jump very well. In addition, this mare was very well presented. ”

The Negro daughter Linskymorijke (out of Evymorijke elite sport-dr ibop-dr D-OC from Krack C, breeder fam. Schellekens from Schijndel) finished fourth with 83 points. She was introduced by Mariëlle Spieringhs. “A very good mare, a very eager horse with a lot of effort and go. The trot is characterized because it remains very constant, with good rhythm and extensions and with leg yielding. She is a very active mare who also has a nice posture in the canter. We have seen a very sympathetic presentation. ”

Three more horses received exactly 80 points, one of them is the Glamourdale daughter La Luce (out of Honeymoon elite ibop-dr PROK s. Voice, breeder W. van Buggenum from Nederweert), presented by Curro Benitez Sanchez. “This mare has a lot of movement in her legs. She is a very elegant mare and she is very light-footed. ” Leriana (Giovanni out of Eriana elite ibop-dr PROK from Jazz, breeder J. Penninx from Beek en Donk) also scored 80 points. This mare was ridden by Benthe-Sophie Broeren. “This is a nice horse. Especially the beat and the cadence in trot stand out. In addition, the mare has a very functional canter. The image is very friendly with a nice touch. ”

Fieke Houwen presented Glamourdale daughter Lodine A (out of Godine ster by Apache, breeder J.A.M. Althuyzen from Sint Anthonis), who also received 80 points. “This mare is appealing, has a good posture and moves light-footed.”


Great ending of CDI Hagen 2020

On Sunday afternoon the last test was scheduled for Charlotte Fry during the Horses and Dreams show in Hagen. For this test, the Grand Prix Special, she saddled her black gelding Dark Legend, s. Zucchero out of Zoë s. Tango bred by the Nobus-de Potter family from Eede. In qualifying for this test, the regular Grand Prix, she already managed to achieve a personal best of 76.717% and a nice third place.

Also in this test, the couple showed a very harmonious picture. The passage in a great rhythm, the two tempi’s and the one tempi’s very straight and the pirouettes showed great ease and were on the spot. In the end the score came to a well-deserved 77.085% which again meant a personal record and a beautiful third place!

Looking back on these 4 days, we cannot be more than very satisfied. s. Don Joe, Diëgo out of Cinderella s. Lord Leatherdale bred by Van Olst Horses, competed at his first international show and managed to win the Inter I as the youngest competitor in the field. There seems to be a lot more in store for this future star.

Chippendale, s. Lord Leatherdale out of Ti Amo s. Negro bred by P. van de Brandt, also competed at his first international show. On Thursday he managed to achieve a percentage of 71.956% in his third Grand Prix ever. On Saturday, for the first time in his life, he competed in a freestyle to music at this level and managed to score a  74.710%.

At the end a wonderfull show with great results with so much more coming for the future!

Photo: Dark Legend

Don Joe hengst

First international win for Don Joe!

Today the Intermediary I test was scheduled at the 2nd day of the Horses and Dreams Horseshow at Hof Kasselmann in Hagen Germany. After yesterdays great 3rd place in there international debut Lottie Fry and Don Joe, Diëgo x Lord Leatherdale, entered the ring as third combination.
Don Joe seemed to be more relaxed and looked like he enjoyed the atmosphere. Despite a mistake in the 2-tempis the pair nailed the test and scored a great 72,382% which resulted in the first place and their first international victory!

Kevin Costner Texel wins Pavo Cup selection in Houten

Last Thursday, a qualification for the Pavo Cup took place at Manege Zilvia’s Hoeve in Houten.

In the five-year-old division Kevin Costner Texel (Negro out of Elegantresse Texel elite IBOP PROK by Jazz, breeder W.T. van der Linde, Texel) was able to claim the victory with no less than 82 points. Last year he also won the pre-selection in De Mortel under Emmelie Scholtens. The stallion impressed the judges today, now ridden by Antonito Laiz Zandio. “A very strong horse that impresses with his mechanics in the legs and the power from the hindquarters. He excels at trot and canter, for which he received nines. The overall picture is very nice uphill with a lot of strength ”

Source: Horses

Photo Negro

Good results in England in new English Young Horse Competition NexGen

A new young horse competition has started in England. A series of qualifications after which the finals took place yesterday in Hickstead.

The four-year-old division was won by Glamourdale son Lestingdale, bred by fam. de Vries out of a Sorento mare. This black stallion was presented by Elly Darling. She won the class with 79.6%. With only 0.12% difference, L’Egro finished in good second place. This son of Negro was bred out of a Tango mare and is still owned by breeder Lisa Marriott.

In the six-year-olds the victory went to Jaguar, bred by the van Eekeren family. Jaguar descends from the successful Lord Leatherdale x Negro combination and was ridden by Sadie Smith.

photo Glamourdale

Sonn of Everdale wins five year old division Duvals Zeeland Dressage Cup

The Everdale son Kings Dream WH (out of Summerdream ster v. Gribaldi x ster v. Jazz, breeding. A.D.M. Hendrickx-Dekkers, Etten-Leur) had a favorite role to fulfill. The winner of the four-year-olds of the Zeeland Dressage Cup 2019 was this time presented by Brecht D’Hoore. They finished second in the preliminary round this year with 82.6 points. The  black pearl gave the guest rider such a great feeling that the 9.5 for the testriding put him in the 1st place. Kings Dream WH is a horse with a lot of expression and front. In movement he has a lot of power, go and a great rhythm in the trot. “This is a horse with Grand Prix qualities,” says Benjamin. “Kings Dream WH is very easy to ride and has a lot of power, while he has the talent to close.

King of Diamonds (Glamourdale x ster v. Rohdiamant x keur pref v. Purioso, breeding. A.W.M. Luyten, Oirschot) was very sympathetically presented by his owner Rachelle Seybel. King of Diamonds isn’t the biggest of the bunch of good horses today, but he makes up for that with his light and elegant performance. The walk is phenomenal, the trot and canter are light-footed. The whole presentation gave a nice and easy picture. The jury placed him in the lead with 83.4 points in the preliminary round. The testride of  the black gelding scored a nine, which narrowly referred him to second place.

Source: Hoefslag

Photo: Everdale