Mega score in Prix st. George for talented Inclusive

During the sub-top competition in Nispen, Charlotte Fry started the stallion Inclusive, v. Everdale x Uptown, bred by the fam. Enting from Grolloo, approved by the NRPS, KWPN and Oldenburg in the Prix st. Georges.
After having previously scored over 73% during the assessment and measurement moment in Beesd, they made a huge step again. With a mega score of 76.25% they set a new personal best!
“Inclusive now knows what is expected of him and is getting better every time. The ultimate goal is of course the “Grand Prix”, for which nothing seems to stand in his way. With scores like today, we are very much looking forward to the future. One of our goals for this year is the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses in Verden. In previous years he also participated in this and we hope that he can be a surprise there this year. ”

Best results at the maretest in Panningen by Negro and Glamourdale daughters

During the ibop in Panningen, the best results were achieved by daughters of Glamourdale and Negro.
Glamourdale daughter Lodina A ( Godine “ster” s. Apache), bred by J.A.M. Althuyzen from Sint Anthonis and registered with Jos and Trudi Houwen from Wanssum is one of these mares. The mare received no less than 82.5 points, which means she is a “keur” mare now. “The mare has a good walk, with a lot of space. She trotted with a technique of the foreleg, very light-footed and with a lot of flexibility. The canter was also light-footed. ” The most striking point of Lodina A is the flexibility in her movement, for which she got a 9.

Kazhara (Negro out of Zhara-Obertje elite pref sport-dres D-OC s. Jazz) achieved a great score of 82 points and is owned by breeder W.E. de Korte from Veghel. “This mare was very sympathetic and showed three good gaits. The walk stood out because of the good use of the foreleg and in the trot the tactfulness and the use of the hind leg were clearly visible. The mare excelled in the ease with when she made her transitions, both forward and back. ” With her score and the PROK predicate already in her pocket, Kazhara is now also elite. Mother Zhara-Obertje was the three-year-old champion of the Netherlands.


studbook inspection Middenbeemster

At the studbook inspection in Middenbeemster, Gerard and Stefanie Koks had two mares invited for the NMK. One of these mares is the home-bred mare Mission van de Debbehoeven (Glamourdale x Sir Donnerhall). She got 80 points for her exterior and 85 points for the movement! With these points she’s invited to go to Ermelo on August 15th during the National Mare Inspection.



1st day mare inspections

Wednesday the 1st of July kicked off with the studbook inspections 2020 in Oirschot in Brabant. Due to the current Corona regulations, it has been decided to inspect all mares from North Brabant here in 4 days. The mares that were declared star were also immediately told whether they qualify for the “keur” predicate, but also whether they receive an invitation for the National Mare Inspection in Ermelo.

Madonna T, by Diego x Everdale x Landadel breeder and owner M. Geerts from Wuustwezel – Loenhout, co-owned by Van Olst Horses, immediately received an invitation to the NMK. “This mare has a great model with a well-shaped neck. The mare has strong connections. In movement she shows a clean walk with good space and a firm hind leg. We also saw the same in the trot, with a good hind leg and a well carried trot. At the canter she jumps well and shows good suppleness.”

Madonna T is closely related to our stallion Chippendale. Grandmother Jolinde s. Landadel is through her daughter Ti Amo s. Negro the grandmother of Chippendale.

Photo: Madonna T,

New dates auctions!

After the very successful first Van Olst Sales online auction, Van Olst Sales continues as usual, now with the foals. In any case, one foal has already been registered that can be considered an absolute future winner: Pippa d’Orlandaise, sire Glamourdale, out of double “prestatie” mare Orlandaise.

At the end of last month, four-year-old Luckybird was the superstar at the very first Van Olst Sales online auction. The elegant and high-quality Everdale son was sold for EUR 67,500 and left for Australia. 62,500 was offered for the gray gelding Maxs-H (by Glamourdale); his new stable is in England.

39,500 euros on average
Gertjan van Olst: “It is of course a very different kind of auction than the live Van Olst Sales, where there is a lot of atmosphere and the horses can be seen in the ring themselves. Not comparable, but just as exciting! We were very satisfied with the final result. ” Ten horses came under the virtual auction hammer, nine of which were eventually sold. The total turnover of the horses sold was 355,000 euros, an average of 39,500 euros per horse.

Foal auction: registration opened
Van Olst Sales continues its successful online auction with a foal auction, from 24 to 27 July. The collection consists of foals from our own stallions, so that our customers have a new and accessible way to sell their foals. Like the young dressage talents, the foals will descend from one of the great Van Olst stallions: Everdale, Glamourdale, but also the younger guard, such as Jayson, Kjento and Lantanas and Lewis, of whom the first foals were born this year. Foals can still be registered. The conditions for this are on the website.

Glamourdale from Orlandaise
The first foals have already been registered. Among them a real winner: a filly by Glamourdale out of the mare Orlandaise (Indoctro x Wisconsin). We know this fantastic breeding mare as mother of, among others, Uzzo (by Lancet), medal winner under Patrick van der Meer. Orlandaise is the only mare in the Netherlands with three Grand Prix offspring in two breeding directions, and is therefore double performance. Definitely a mare with ‘sport’! Are you looking for a promising filly to expand / set up your breeding? Then take your chance with this Pippa d’Orlandaise!

The following also applies to the foal auction: register in advance if you want to bid!

Dates of upcoming auctions:
July 24-27 – foals
August 14-17 – riding horses
September 4-7 – foals

Topscore Inclusive in Prix St. George

Charlotte Fry and the KWPN-approved Inclusive (Everdale x Uptown, breeder Fam. Enting from Grolloo) started at the Subtop assessment and measurement moment (unofficial show because of Corona 19) in Beesd and scored a fantastic 73.897% in his second start in the Prix St. Georges. Just before all the shows were cancelled, the dark brown stallion made his debut in this class and then scored just under 64%.

“The period of training at home has done Inclusive very well,” says rider Charlotte Fry enthusiastically. “We started preparing him for the Grand Prix at home and paid attention to the piaffe and passage work, but also to the single changes. He finds that very easy to do, just like his father Everdale. ”

Fantastic feeling

“Thanks to the Grand Prix work he has become a lot stronger and as a result he has made a lot of progress in the Small Tour work. In Beesd he scored the highest percentage so far and he gave me a fantastic feeling. He was super concentrated. Inclusive is a hot horse and previously wanted to get sharp in the ring, but today he was completely there. ”

Ones and nines

That great feeling was also rewarded by the judges. “I had several nines on the protocol, including the extended trot, the shoulder-in and a pirouette. On the other hand, I also had some expensive failures, but that was entirely my own fault, ”Fry admits laughing. “After the extended canter, I didn’t keep up with him, causing him to trot. Because I missed a flying change, there was a 1 on the protocol. In addition, I had a small mistake in the extended trot.

Worthy successor

Fry considers Inclusive a worthy successor to his father Everdale, with whom she has quickly become a potential contender in the British dressage team. “Like his father, Inclusive likes to work. He always gives everything and I would love it if he developed like this! ”

World Championships in Verden

In the coming period, Fry wants to start the stallion of Gertjan and Anne van Olst a number of times in the Small Tour. “It is of course a bit uncertain for this year, but I also hope to ride him at the World Championship for Young Dressage Horses in Verden at the end of the year,” said Fry.

Source: Horses

Jacatra’s Roos to Patrick van de Meer

Patrick van der Meer has a new asset. That is the mare Jacatra’s Roos (Everdale out of Roos pref perst sport-dr by T.C.N. Partout, breeder Jacatra B.V. from Zuidoostbeemster). Patrick van der Meer has the six-year-old Jacatra’s Roos in shared ownership with breeder Stal Jacatra in Zuidoostbeester.

As a three-year-old, the mare became reserve champion at the Central Inspection in Midden Beemster and was delegated to the NMK.

After this she came under the saddle of Lotje Schoots. As a three-year-old, the mare achieved a top score of 90.5 in the IBOP under Lotje. She is bred out of a full sister of the Olympic horse Nadine of Hans Peter Minderhoud.


Source KWPN

1st edition Van Olst Sales Online endet!

1st Van Olst Sales Online ended!

The first Van Olst Sales “online” edition has just been completed.

10 horses came under the virtual auction hammer of which 9 were eventually sold.

The most expensive horse in the auction was Luckybird s. Everdale. This elegant and high-quality brown gelding was sold for 67500 euros and will is bought by a foreign dressage rider. Maxs-H s. Glamourdale, where a lot of people where interested in, was sold for 62500 euros and will go to England.

The NRPS approved Gregory v. George Clooney was sold for 55,000 euros and he stays in the Netherlands.

We bought Mistral v. Everdale back ourselves and he will be further trained for dressage.

The total turnover of the horses sold is 355,000 euros, which makes an average of 39,500 euro per horse.

Mondiego, Luckybird, Gregory and Ernesto from the Van Olst Sales Collection…

Only 4 more days until the Van Olst Sales online auction starts. Bidding is open from Friday 5 June; on Monday 8 June at 8 pm the horses are taken in turn. Gertjan van Olst is pleased to present a number of horses from this first collection.

Bidding? Sign up quickly!


His name says it all: Mondiego, descends from Diego, who is competing in the Big Tour. He impressed at the DWB gala show early this year. His offspring stand out under saddle because of their super attitude and three good gaits. His first year is now at Z2 / ZZ-L level.


“Mondiego can also be said to give the rider a very nice feeling, even though he is only three years old,” says Gertjan van Olst. “The big black gelding stands out with its good model, appealing eye, good technique and a very quiet support under the saddle.”

German sports tribe

Mondiego’s maternal line goes back through Stedinger and Florestan to a rock-solid German sport stock from which various striking sport horses and approved stallions come from. Many greats from German sport horse breeding can be seen in the pedigree of Mondiego.

NRPS approved Gegory

Gregory is an NRPS approved stallion. This four-year-old son of George Clooney was the convincing performance champion of his vintage. With his rich front and above average basic gaits, he will be a striking appearance in the dressage ring.

George Clooney

Sire George Clooney lives up to his pedigree: he performed great in the PAVO Cup and in the stallion competition. He scored over 70% in the Small Tour and now masters all Grand Prix exercises. He also seems to break through as a father horse, with in his first year the striking mare Kidman (ds. Lord Leatherdale), who was entered in the studbook with no less than 90 points for the trot, the winner of the VWF Prinsenstad Keano (also ds Lord Leatherdale) and two designated sons for Den Bosch.

Van Olst combination

“Gregory was bred here from the Lord Leatherdale mare Hortensia V from the proven combination with Negro. Through German breeding legend Sandro Hit, the dam’s line goes back to the well-known strain of Don Schufro. Performance breeding at its best! ”, Gertjan believes.

Eyecatcher Luckybird

“Luckybird gives every rider a smile on his face!” Says Gertjan. “He is cheerful and energetic, has a lot of enthusiasm and striking technique. It is also very beautiful. ”

Everdale son

His sire Everdale is starting to become a great name in sport – for example, he achieved sky high in the World Cup circuit with Lottie Fry – and breeding, with not only three KWPN-approved sons, but also several standout Pavo Cup sons and daughters and mares that stand out in the eptm or ibop tests.

Strong maternal line

Luckybird’s mother, To Sydney elite sport, ran in the finals of the National Mare Inspection as a three-year-old and successfully completed Z2 dressage, after which she was fully used for breeding. Grandfather Metall is a son of the strong inheriting Ferro who in turn is the father of Negro.


Ernesto is the only five-year-old in this first collection. Just like Luckybird, he is an Everdale son. Ernesto is a promise for the future.

Brilliant career

This five-year-old big black also has a bright career in sports. He has three excellent basic gaits and a very functional exterior.

Predicate tribe

Ernesto’s mother is the Tuschinski daughter Andette elite. Her mother is preferent and performance and goes back to the Voltaire son Equador. Several successful horses from this dam line are active at national level.

Are you interested in one of these young dressage budding buddies or in one of the six other horses in this collection? Register now so that you can bid from June 5!

2020 Van Olst Sales Goes Online with Collection of Lovely Young Riding Horses

Dutch stallion owner Gert-Jan van Olst and his wife, Danish Olympic dressage rider Anne van Olst, are proud to present their first “online edition” of the Van Olst Sales with a collection of 10 home reared and trained young dressage horses.

Bidding starts on 5 June and will end on 8 June 2020.

Due to the corona pandemic upending the normal order of affairs this year, the Van Olst Sales have undergone a transformation in format, adapting to the needs and current Covid-19 restrictions for riders and owners world wide.

“Knowing that live auctions with an audience are utopian at the moment, we decided to change the format of the auction as well as the type of collections that we are offering,” Gert-Jan van Olst. “The first collection for 2020 includes young 3 and 4-year old horses from our own breeding and rearing program and we’ll auction them online at”

Rescolar (by Escolar x Sir Donnerhall)

The “Online Van Olst Sales” features a small collection of ten professionally trained, home reared youngsters, fulfilling the demands of dressage riders that are seeking affordable and trainable young stars with promise for the future.”The first group of horses that we are selling online are well trained, well bred youngsters with potential for the future,” said Gert-Jan. “We aim to offer horses for all segments of the markets and are realistic that the market cannot always afford or ride mega stars. This collection has ten wonderful young horses that will appeal to a very large group of dressage riders.”

Try Out, Vet Report, Bidding

All horses can be tried out on appointment at Van Olst in Den Hout, The Netherlands, carefully complying with the corona regulations of social distancing and hygiene. Please make an appointment for a try out.

All horses have been fully vetted and meet the demands of the KNMvD.

X-rays and vet reports can be viewed on request at

To bid on a horse, register here. Total discretion is guaranteed. Your name will not be shown online in the bidding process.Online Foal Auction

Van Olst Sales will hold several online auctions this season. After this 5 – 8 June Van Olst Sales of riding horses, a foal auction will follow.

“As the Limburg Foal Auction no longer offers dressage foals and the auctions in Maren Kessel and Deurne are cancelled, we will step in and offer an online sales platform to help our breeders and buyers,” said Gert-Jan.

Breeders can register their foal for the next Van Olst Sales Online Auction at They can have their foal filmed and photographed for the auction catalogue at the stable in Den Hout. The dates will be announced soon.

Check out the collection of 10 riding horses at