Lottie and Darkie score a fantastic personal best!


With this top result, Lottie achieved a more than fantastic second place on Friday at the FEI World Cup in Gothenburg.

With superb Dark Legend v. Zucchero bred by the Nobus-De Potter family, they achieved a top score of 76,413%, which was good for a new personal record!

On Saturday afternoon, the freestyle will begin at 4.30 p.m. with Lottie and Dark Legend being the 10th to start. This will be around 6.20 p.m.


Great foal by Kjento born

The first foals are born this year and we are regularly kept informed by proud breeders, which we appreciate very much.

On the photo a 4 day old Kjento foal bred by mrs. Knol out of a Sir Donnerhall x Royal Diamond x Krack C mare.

Congratulations with this beautiful foal!


NAF Dressage Talent Berlicum

The 5 year old gelding Kenndale v. Everdale continues to perform well under the saddle of Nora van Houtem-Vos. Yesterday, the black eyecatcher, bred by Wim van Driel from Loosbroek, won the NAF Dressage Talent Berlicum in a convincing way.

After finishing at a great 3rd place last month in the final of the Subli Cup during Jumping Amsterdam, they managed to win this competition for the second time in a row. Mara De Vries and Alex van Silfhout gave no less than 91 points to Kenndale. Guest rider Dinja van Liere gave the highest points that can be given: the ultimate 100 points!

“After the third time under saddle I started riding him myself. His character and willingness to work make him unique. Every day he wants to be there for me and it is a very sympathetic horse. You only have to try something once, then he understands and does it, and he always enjoys the work, is very good and has three great gaits: what else do you want? There is a lot of potential in Kenndale and he picks up the work very easily, I don’t sell him! ” Nora said.

Third with 82 and 80 points was also a son of Everdale: Kings-Dream WH (mv.Gribaldi). This talent also has a half brother who competes at  Grand Prix. The black gelding also won a competition for young dressage horses last year. Kings-Dream WH appeared first this morning in the ring ridden by Brecht D’Hoore. He and Dominique D’Hoore ride several horses for the owners of Kings-Dream WH from South Korea.

The Everdale son Kazan A scored under Aniek de Laat a total of 81 points. The dam of this Kazan A is a full sister of the Grand Prix horse Kingsley Vinzar.

Today, Sunday, the program continues with the four-year-olds.

Source: Hoefslag

4 stallions invited for the NRPS Show Day

Last Friday the stallion approval of the NRPS took place in Ermelo. 6 of our stallions took a shot at approval. Of these stallions, 4 were invited to the show day, the other 2 were both declared star, which means they can show themselves under saddle during the regular assessments, but at the risk and initiative of the owner.

The stallions invited to the show day on Sunday 8 March are:

  • Inspire x Negro, from the same dam as Evegro v. Everdale who was approved at the NRPS last year. The mother’s full sister is Elegance v. Negro who is competing international at Grand Prix level.
  • Don Joe x Hohenstein, bred from a German dam line.
  • Blue Hors Farrel x Cantos, dam Elka also produced the international dressage horse and approved stallion Mac Donovan by Sir Donovan.
  • George Clooney x Everdale, granddam Ballerina II is the dam of the KWPN approved stallion Diëgo v. Negro.

Photo: Diëgo, s Negro x Don Gregory II

Negro hengst

Negro mare achieving the highest score at IBOP test

Of the 14 dressage mares participating, nine succeeded and six-year-old Juliette Creco (Negro from Marloes keur sport-dres prest from Balzflug, breeder A.J.F. Groot-Kormelink from Winterswijk-Henxel) was the only one to score above 80 points.

With 8,5 and for trot, posture & balance and ride & editability, she scored 81 points. “This mare stood out with her good technique with a good hind leg in the trot. She moves with good posture and balance, and with a lot of strength. She was good at both trot and canter, “says inspector Bart Bax. Subsequently, this 1.75 m-measuring mare was able to receive the star predicate.

Source: KWPN

Iondale s. Everdale sold England

The 7 year old gelding Iondale (s. Everdale x Donnerhall, Breeder H. Hutten from Zwolle) is sold to the English rider Martha Jobling-Purser. Martha will ride Iondale at juniorlevel after a succesfull period at the ponies.

Iondale competed at the World Championships for young dressage horses as a 5 year old and a 6 year old with Charlotte Fry.

We wish Marhta and Iondale a great partnership and a bright future!

Glamourdale hengst

Glamourdale rocks stallionshow in Verden

Last Sunday there was a stallion show in Verden for “private stallion owners” from Germany and the Netherlands.

At the invitation of the Hanoverian Studbook, Glamourdale was invited to present himself as the closing of the evening. The German breeders can be described as connoisseurs who do not hide their appreciation for a horse. During the presentation of the stallions, the crowd showed its enthusiasm regularly, but the real apotheosis came when that one black stallion entered the arena…

Below a short video of Glamourdale during his performance:

Throwback at the KWPN Stallionshow 2020

Van Olst Horses can look back on two very busy, but also two very nice days during the KWPN Stallionshow.

The first day started with the second viewing of Glamourdale son Mats van de Diekboer (mv. Johnson). He went through the arena with a great canter, the trot characterized by a lot of imprint and self carriage. Unfortunately, due to slight tension, he did not show the walk he can  completely as we are used of him and therefore he was not invited for the presentation. Perhaps we will introduce him again under saddle …

In the evening it was the turn of the stallions that were approved in 2019. Lantanas v. Sir Donnerhall x Hemmingway) proved once again to have a great movement potential. This genetically very interesting and impressive stallion was praised for his beautiful appearance and flexibility.

Then it was Lotties turn to enter the arena  with Chippendale son Giovanni (mv. Scandic) in the show block “The Road to Grand Prix”. The stallion is successfully competed on Small Tour level and showed his ease in the collected exercises.

In part two of this show block it was Glamourdales turn to show his skills . Under Lottie, he again demonstrated why he became World Champion in 2018. His canter is and will continue to be enormously uphill, he makes pirouettes on a dime and shows half passes of extraordinary quality. The fact that Glamourdale is close to be Grand Prix ready is also apparent from his talent for piaffe and passage. Strongly bowed in the hindleg, with a lot of selfcariage and with a rich front like a real king. A special conclusion for us for this evening.

On Saturday it was Maxson (by Johnson x Negro )’s turn early in the morning to show his potential as a fututer dressage horse. Perhaps a bit fresh, but with a lot of imprint and well carried, he showed his movement potential, after which the verdict “invited to the presentation” sounded throughout the hall.

During this presentation of the designated stallions he impressed in hand and was rewarded with a Premium award! According to the jury, he is “strong built with a good top line and great transitions”. A fantastic result.

In the afternoon it was time for the finals in the Stallion Competition. Kjento (Negro x Jazz) was in good shape and showed to be enormously rideable. The large-framed stallion walks with a good rhytm and great overtrack. The trot and canter have a lot of power and his strong hindleg shows a lot of quality in all transitions. In the day competition he was narrowly second, in the overall competition he was only 1 point behind the number 1…

Then it was Jayson’s turn (by Johnson x Negro). He was also allowed to show his skills in a competition context. “A stallion with a lot of power that can be worked well, we think it’s a matter of time before he can process the power in the hindleg,” according to the jury.

Finally, Inverness (Everdale x Johnson) and Inclusive (Everdale x Uptown) entered the arena at the Z-level presentation. Inverness again demonstrated its special movement technique. Inclusive, now classified ZZ-zwaar, showed to have a lot of talent for the collected exercises.



Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin invest in future talent

Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester recently visited our stables to view and try out some young horses. One of these horses was the now 6-year-old Jaguar (by Lord Leatherdale x Negro). As a young horse, Jaguar already stood out in the various young horse competitions. Among other things, he won the Young Dressage Talents in 2017 and finished high in the Pavo Cup of 2018 and 2019. Carl and Charlotte were also charmed by this black eye-catcher and recognized his enormous talent for dressage.

We wish them the best of luck with this black powerhouse!

First foals of Kjento are ariving…

Now that the days are getting longer, the first foals are born.

From our stallion Kjento we eagerly await his first offspring. On the photos you can see 1 of the first foals that have been born. Breeder Michael Mehrtens was 1 of the first to use Kjento on his mare Gräfin Zara v. Zack x Regazzoni. On the photo this lady is 3 days old.