Van Olst breeding programm

Van Olst Horses also breeds a few foals every year. Did you know that the mare Iris, who won the Prix St Georges class in Someren last weekend ridden by Anouk Ivits, was also bred by Van Olst Horses? This daughter of Lord Leatherdale is bred out of the Negro x Monaco mare Eternal Flame who is a full sister of Elegance. Under Beatriz Ferrer Salat, he took part in the Tokyo Olympics and the European Dressage Championships in Hagen last year.

Another full sister of Eternal Flame and Elegance is the Small Tour mare Doortje Subtilia.

The next full sister of these 3 horses is the mother of no less than three NRPS approved stallions: Evegro (by Everdale) is ready to compete in the Prix st. Georges and recently purchased by Lotje Schoots, Irvin (by Inspire) is the second son and the third son is Everest (by Especial). Everest recently passed his performance test with a very good score and previously won the KWPN Young Dressage Talents for three-year-olds in Oosteinde with a 10 for his canter. Everest will be available to breeders via fresh semen this year.

Nalegro descends from a completely different line. Nalegro is the Painted Black son who has just been approved by the KWPN with no less than 85 points. What is special about this stallion is that he was bred out of the full sister of the most successful dressage horse ever: Valegro. Olympic medals, medals at World Cups and European Championships and winner of the World Cup final. He has won everything there is to win under Charlotte Dujardin.

But it is not only dressage that is bred. Gertjan’s ‘old’ love, the breeding of jumping horses, is also being practiced. During the Winter Equestrian Festival in Florida, the class for 7 year olds was won by Kadansa B under Sabrina Lefebvre. Kadansa B was bred by Van Olst Horses and Thomas Bezouw out of the Carthino Z  x Animo mare Didansa. Didansa is a full sister of the Grand Prix show jumper Cigo B.

Photo: Elegance

Nalegro is KWPN approved.

Last week the stallions of the performance test at the KWPN did there exam. One off these stallions was our Nalegro. (Breeder fam. Hanse and Van Olst Horses)

Olympic genes come together in the pedigree of Nalegro – Sired by Painted Black & out of Jalegrofleur, the full sister to Charlotte Dujardin’s Triple Olympic Champion, Valegro

Painted Black, preferent awarded, was successful
at the highest level in dressage and participated in the London 2012 Olympics, with the Spanish rider Morgan Barbancon. Nalegro’s dam, the ster PROK mare Jalegrofleur, is sired by Negro (see page 266). Jalegrofleur’s full brother, Valegro, ridden by Charlotte Dujardin, is the most successful dressage horse ever. 3-time Olympic Champion, European and World Champion, 3-time current world record holder, KWPN Horse of the Year 2014, plus many more accolades.

KWPN Inspection report:
Nalegro is an honest and hard-working stallion with a very good attitude. The walk has good tact and scope, very good activity and is powerful. In trot, the stallion has a lot of impulsion, good scope, and a very active hind leg, that carries well. The canter is very powerful, with a lot of jump, impulsion, and good scope. Nalegro moves with a lot of suppleness, very sufficient posture, and very good balance. As a dressage horse, Nalegro has a lot of talent and gives his rider a very good feeling.

Nalegro will be available this season with fresh (EU) semen.



2 new NRPS stallions

The stallions Everest and Den Hout are now definitively approved for the NRPS. After the performance test, which takes place under their own rider by means of three assessment moments, both stallions received a beautiful list of marks.

Den Hout, Diamond x Tolando breeder WF Meijerink from Stieltjeskanaal, is a complete stallion with a good dressage model and a good attitude. The walk is clean and good, the trot is active with a lot of leg technique and the canter is uphill with a lot of jump, according to the jury. He scored a total of 80 points.

Everest, Especial x Negro was bred by Van Olst Horses out of the performance and Prix st. Georges mare Reina. He previously won the KWPN Young Dressage Talent for three-year-old horses at Indoor Oosteind. He also impressed the jury: Everest is a very complete dressage horse and has a lot of charisma as a stallion. He has a great work ethic and a very good attitude. The walk is clear and regular, the trot is powerful, has good scope with an active hind leg coming under and the canter uphill, carried well and with good scope. According to the test rider, he gives a super good feeling, is very workable and has a lot of suppleness.

Everest passed the performance test with a total of 84.7 points.

Photo: Everest

NMK mare and three-year-old IBOP topper Netina sold

The elite mare Netina (by Glamourdale) is sold to Sonnenberg Farm USA and Stal Laarakkers.
Netina was owned by Van Olst Horses and Derk Jan Mekkes. She obtained the star predicate with 80/85 points in 2021 and was then allowed to participate in the NMK. With a nine for the walk and five times an 8.5, she ended up with 85.5 points for the IBOP. The comment of KWPN jury member Bart Henstra was as follows: “This is a youthful mare with a lot of blood and is forward end really willing to work. She moves with a lot of leg technique and is light-footed. In walk she has a lot of shoulder freedom, she is very loose in the body and spacious. In trot and canter her good technique, impulsion and talent to shorten and widen are positively noticeable. She is a great mare with three good gaits and a clear natural talent.” With this performance Netina definitely became elite. Vai Bruntink will continue to take care of Netina’s training. The planning is that Netina and Vai will start in the PAVO Cup.

Raymond Brooks Memorial Award for Charlotte Fry

The Raymond Brooks Memorial Award is an award that is presented to the English rider  aged 25 or younger who shows the most potential for the future in jumping, dressage or eventing.

In 2021, this prestigious award was presented to 25-year-old Charlotte Fry during the London Horse Show. Some highlights of her career are winning European gold in the U25, the world championship with Glamourdale in 2018, participation in the Olympic Games and team bronze in Tokyo 2021, participation in the European Championship Hagen 2021 and team silver, individual 5th European Championship Hagen 2021 and the world championship with Kjento in 2021 .

Born in 1930, Raymond Brooks-Ward began covering various equestrian events in England in 1956. In addition, he has started organizing competitions, including the well-known Christmas competition in London Olympia.

In addition to his work as a television commentator and competition organizer, Raymond Brooks-Ward was very active in securing major sponsors for the equestrian sport. In his spare time he was a popular ‘Master of Foxhounds’ in Hertfordshire.

In 1992 he died of a special form of Hepatites. In order to continue to commemorate his commitment to British equestrian sport, an Award was presented in the same year to the best British rider who has shown great potential for the future. Since 1992 among others, Pippa Funnel, Zara Philips, Laura Bechtolsheimer, Jessica Mendoza, Charlotte Dujardin, Ben Maher and Scott Brash have won this award.

The London International Horse Show 2021

The weeks before Christmas are traditionally the week of the London International Horse Show. Held at a different location this year due to a renovation of ‘Olympia’.

The organization has done everything it can to bring ‘Xcel’ into the Christmas spirit as in other years and they succeeded.

Together with Dark Legend and groom Steven Caley, Charlotte Fry traveled to London to participate at this show in her “own” Great Britain. The short Grand Prix was held on Thursday morning, in which 15 combinations started. Dark Legend put down one his best tests of the season with unfortunately a minor miscommunication on the AC line. Dark Legend thought he was done after the piaffe, but because of the new test, had to show one more passage. Lottie was able to recover this effortlessly with a top score of 74.526% as a result.

Later in the day there was a big surprise for Lottie. Since ‘London’ is the last competition of the year in England, British Equestrian often takes the opportunity to award various prizes. For example, each year the “Raymond Brooks Memorial Trophy Award” is presented to the rider of 25 years or younger who has shown the most potential for future success in the past year in the disciplines of dressage, jumping or eventing. Many now famous riders have won this price before, such as Charlotte Dujardin, Scott Brash and Ben Maher.

Friday was all about the Freestyle. To the tunes of “Let me take you dancing” the couple danced very harmoniously through the arena. Dark Legend was on, was excited and did its very best. With a top score of 81.945%, the couple left the arena to loud cheers from the massive crowd. In the final standings they only had to leave Charlotte Dujardin in front of them and were therefore able finish this special competition with a second place in the Freestyle to music.

Photo: Jon Stroud

85.5 for Glamourdale daughter in IBOP Tolbert

With 85.5 points, the NMK mare Netina (s.Glamourdale) was the big highlight today in the IBOP in Tolbert. A total of 12 dressage mares passed this performance test.

Last summer, Netina (Glamourdale out of Jetina by Dream Boy, breeder J.A.M. Hurkmans of Veghel) of Dirk Jan Mekkes and Van Olst Horses was already doing good business. At the studbook inspection she became star with 80/85, and after a good result at the Central Inspection she was invited to the NMK.

With a 9 for the walk and five times an 8.5, she achieved 85.5 points under the saddle in the IBOP. “This is a young mare with a lot of blood and an a desire to work. She moves with a lot of leg technique and is very light-footed. In walk she has a lot of shoulder freedom, she is very loose in the body and spacious. In trot and canter her good technique, impulsion and talent to shorten and widen are positively noticeable. She is a very fine mare with three good gaits and a clear natural talent”, explains inspector Bart Henstra. Thanks to this performance, Netina is now definitively elite.

Source KWPN

2021, a fantastic year for Everdale!

2021 was a very successful year for Van Olst Horses. Lottie achieved wonderful results with different horses. The results she achieved with Everdale, bred by Piet Kluytmans, were exceptionally good. The combination got selected for the Olympic Games in Tokyo in July, and came home with a beautiful team bronze medal. Then there were the European Championships in Hagen, where the combination managed to score no fewer than three PRs. In the end, Lottie and Everdale finished fifth here in a strong field of competitors, and there was team silver for Great Britain! Everdale is now in eighth place in the FEI Dressage World Ranking. A fantastic achievement!

But not only Everdale himself was successful this year. His offspring also did very well in sport. The first offspring of Everdale are now competing at Small Tour level:

Inclusive (Everdale x Uptown) & Charlotte Fry, Small Tour, bred by R. Enting

Especial (Everdale x Vivaldi) & Charlotte Fry, Small Tour, bred by C.J.J. van Bavel

Imhotep (Everdale x Vivaldi) & Charlotte Dujardin, Small Tour, bred by T. Huizing

Idwinaretto (Everdale x Johnson) & Hubert Jankowski, Small Tour, bred by P. Dolfsma

Inverness (Everdale x Johnson) & Brecht d’Hoore, Small Tour, bred by Y.M.M. van Maasacker

Inspire (Everdale x Don Romantic) & Brecht d’Hoore, Small Tour, bred by Carmeliet-Leybaert

Joey v.d. Fuik (Everdale x Pion) & Dominique Filion, Small Tour, bred by MTS Stal de Fuik

I am Sam RS2 (Everdale x Krack C) & Seth Boschman, Small Tour, bred by K. Retera

Inxs van de Wolfshoeve (Everdale x Rousseau) & Ali Potasky, Small Tour, bred by J.A.M van der Horst-Meeus

Inferno (Everdale x Trento B) & Quinty Vossers, Small Tour, bred by J. Gloudemans

Imposant (Everdale x Contango) & Laurens van Liere, Small Tour, bred by G.H. de Vries-Teeuwen

Jerrydale (Everdale x Havidoff) & Sophie Taylor, Small Tour, bred by I.M.C. Schel-Schippers

Ilionne (Everdale x Hotline) & Julia Lee Barton, Small Tour, bred by D. Pigmans-Schouten

Irintha (Everdale x Tenerife VDL) & Ali Potasky, Small Tour, bred by R. van Erp

Inspiration (Everdale x Calido I) & Marije de Lange, Small Tour, bred by M.R. Hanswijk en L. Hanswijk-Bingley

Ikke (Everdale x Unaniem) & Viktorie Kudelova, Small Tour, bred by A. van Kemenade

Ilias v/h Trichelhof (Everdale x Negro) & Evy de Haan, Lichte Tour, gefokt door R. Bries

Jarina des Vallées (Everdale x Sandro Hit) & Barbara Clement Klinger, Small Tour, bred by H.B.G. Holleman-Hilderink

Jackpot (Everdale x Jazz) & Jeroen Devroe, Small Tour, bred by J. Groenendijk

Jillz (Everdale x Florencio) & Nicole de Leeuw, Small Tour, bred by J. Andre and J. Janssen


Just Me (Everdale x Riverman) & Romee Driessen, ZZ-zwaar, bred by H.A.M. van den Bogaard

Infinity Win T (Everdale x Jazz) & Roy First, ZZ-zwaar, bred by A.M.T Toonen Arts

It’s Easy (Everdale x Havel) & Marieta Doornwaard, ZZ-zwaar, bred by L. Lub

Everian L (Everdale x Hochadel) & Anna Kasprzak, ZZ-zwaar, bred by K. Bundgaard


There are also many upcoming talents, such as:

Jackpot v/h Trichelhof (Everdale x Negro) & Kebie van der Heijden, bred by R. Bries

Evergreen (Everdale x Don Havidoff) & Lisa Müller

Jackson (Everdale x Negro) & Charlotte Fry, bred by Van Olst Horses

Evegro (Everdale x Negro) & Lotje Schoots, bred by Van Olst Horses

Iondale (Everdale x Donnerhall) & Martha Jobling-Purser, bred by H.A.B. Hutten

Jemima LH (Everdale x Don Gregory) & Marten Luiten, bred by R.J. Lickley

Jacatra’s Roos (Everdale x TCN Partout) & Patrick van der Meer, bred by stal Jacatra

Kalypso Mansolein (Everdale x Leonardo Da Vinci) & Sarah di Bella, bred by stoeterij Mansolein

Kajool (Everdale x Vivaldi) & Jan Zamec, bred by J. Vloet

Kingsdale (Everdale x Negro) & Kirsten Beckers, bred by Van Olst Horses

Join me de Massa (Everdale x Rieto) & Eric Guardia Martinez, bred by M. Sylvain Massa

Jacobus (Everdale x Pacific) & Severo Jurado Lopez, bred by L. Reijnierse


We would like to congratulate the breeders, owners and riders of these horses with the results achieved!

Kjento nominated for the title KWPN Horse of the Year 2021!

Will Kjento follow into the steps of Glamourdale, KWPN Horse of the Year 2020?

This year again, three dressage horses have been nominated for the title of KWPN Horse of the Year. Kjento owes his nomination to his fantastic performance at the World Championships for young dressage horses in Verden last summer, where he became world champion in the six-year-olds class, together with Charlotte Fry. Kjento is a descendant of Negro x Jazz, and bred by A.J. van Os.

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Elegance second in Madrid World Cup

Last weekend the third World Cup dressage competition was held in the Spanish capital Madrid. The Spanish rider Beatriz Ferrer-Salat became second with Elegance (Negro out of Reina elite pref perst sport-dres PROK by Monaco, breeder: G.J. van Olst of Den Hout). She is now 7th placed in the standings. There will be 6 more qualifications in the Western European League, after which the World Cup final will take place in Leipzig from April 6 to 10.

Source: KWPN