Succesful Pavo Cup pre-selection for Klaproos, Lionell and Guiness

After returning from Tokyo on Thursday, Lottie competed again on Saturday with three horses in the PAVO Cup pre-selection in Belgium. And with success!

In the four-year-old class she competed with the Glamourdale offspring Guiness (Glamourdale x Johnson, breeder B.J. Broenink). Unfortunately, this stallion was not quite lucky, because horses in the area went outside during the test. Partly due to some tension, the stallion stayed just under 80 points, but with 79 points he got selected for the semi-finals. “We have stopped the program for a while to give these horses a little more chance”, Marian explains. “Guinness stood out with his elegance, long legs and beautiful technique in trot. In the canter we saw a lot of lightness and ease. He has a very nice leg technique and trot and canter. The walk had too much tension today.”

Lottie introduced the Negro son Lionell VE in the 5-year old class. This chestnut stallion is a descendant of Negro x Tenerife VDL, breeder R. van Erp. Lionell VE is a full brother to the NRPS approved stallion Nespresso. Lionell VE got 81 points, with an 8.5 for walk and harmony. ”This horse gave a very nice image, he has a nice front and a nice neck. He walked with a lot of action and good use of the body. In the trot we saw a lot of technique, but he could have been carried a little more now and then. He cantered with a lot of impulsion, good scope and a good jump. For this horse, the harmonious image stood out.” Lionell has also been selected for the semi-finals.

In the 6-year-old class, Klaproos (Glamourdale x Ampère, breeder: Christ Snepvangers) under Charlotte Fry scored no less than 84 points, with a 9 for the canter. With these points she managed to win this class! “This mare walked actively, but could still remain a little looser through the body. She trots with a lot of technique and good use of the hind leg. In the canter we saw a lot of impulsion and she clearly showed that she can already collect well.” With these points, Klaproos has of course also been selected for the semi-finals. The semi-finales will take place in Ermelo on the 12th of August.

Source: KWPN

Picture: Klaproos & Charlotte Fry



Glamourdale offspring conviced in PAVO Cup pre-selections

The semi-finals of the PAVO Cup will take place in Ermelo on the 12th of August. Several pre-selections have taken place in the last weeks, and the list of selected horses for the semi-finals has now been published. Glamourdale offspring convinced in the preselections. For example, the black gelding King of Diamonds (Glamourdale x Rohdiamant) is at the top of the six-year-olds with no less than 86 points. But also offspring of Negro, Giovanni, Nespresso, Everdale, George Clooney and Lord Leatherdale have performed well.

Below is an overview of offspring of Van Olst stallions that have been selected for the semi-finals:


Mission v/d Debbehoeve, 82 points, Glamourdale x Sir Donnerhall, bred by G. Koks

Guiness, 79 points, Glamourdale x Johnson, bred by B.J. Broenink



Linskymorijke, 84 points, Negro x Krack C, bred by family Schellekens

La Luce, 82 points, Glamourdale x Voice, bred by W. van Buggenum

Lorava, 81 points, Giovanni x Westpoint, bred by C. van Etten

Lionell VE, 81 points, Negro x Tenerife VDL, bred by R. van Erp

Espresso B, 77 points, Nespresso x Cantos, bred by C.A.G. Brouwers-Sleegers



King of Diamonds, 86 points, Glamourdale x Rohdiamant, bred by A.W.M. Luyten

Klaproos, 84 points, Glamourdale x Ampère, bred by Chr. M. Snepvangers

Kobalt Spring, 82 points, Giovanni x Charmeur, bred by E.H. Schoonhoven

Kashmir, 80 points, Glamourdale x Vivaldi, bred by M. Leijser

Kenndale, 80 points, Everdale x Special D, bred by W.G.M. van Driel

Karava, 79 points, Lord Leatherdale x Negro, bred by C. van Etten

Kaptain Jack V.O.D., 79 points, Giovanni x Michelangelo, bred by A.J. van Os

Kurona, 79 points, George Clooney x Negro, bred by Chr. de Feyter Seydlitz

Kallidin, 78 points, Lord Leatherdale x Stedinger, bred by C. Thuinte


Picture: Guiness & Charlotte Fry

Van Olst Sales The Foal Edition

Also this year Van Olst Sales Online is organizing an auction especially for foals descending from Van Olst stallions. After last year’s success, a group of foals has been selected again this year, which will be auctioned on Monday 9 August.

26 foals are now live on:

Click the link to view the collection and register for free!


Kjento and Glamourdale foals to National Foal Inspection

Marjolein Cooremans-Baelemans had a very succesful day at the foal inspection of KWPN region Belgium last Saturday in Oud-Turnhout. Her foals became champion and reserve champion!

Rosanieta MCB

The appealing champion of the Belgian foal inspection is Kjento daughter Rosanieta MCB (out of Harry’s Girl by Lord of Loxley). “This is a foal with a beautiful appearance, front and a strong topline”, explains Floor Dröge. “Every stride is the same and she is very nice. She could be a little looser in the topline today. In canter she has a lot of balance and good scope. In addition, this foal has a good walk.”

Risamante MCB

The reserve champion is also a filly: Risamante MCB (Glamourdale out of Isamante elite D-OC v. Wynton). “This is a well-developed, long-lined foal with a lot of appearance. At this point the withers and the back could be a little more developed. The foundation is set correctly. When this foal starts to move, we see a lot of posture, a lot of flexibility and good leg technique. She shows that she can change gears well at both trot and canter.”

Both foals have been invited for the National Foal Inspection.

Source: KWPN

Picture: Glamourdale & Charlotte Fry

Kjento offspring succesful at Danish foal show

Two Kjento foals were presented at a foal show in Denmark last week. There were praises for Faabækgaard’s Kjenzo (Kjento x Sezuan). This foal became second and is owned by Anne Sofie Bagge. Kjenzo has been invited to the Elite show in September.

Number 3 and reserve for the Elite show was Lillevangs Pari Mee (Kjento x Sezuan) owned by Jytte and Poul-Erik Simonsen.

Photo: Kjento and Charlotte Fry

Jarina des Vallées (s. Everdale) nominated for the WCYH

France has announced the nomination list for the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses in Verden. The list of seven-year-olds includes the by H.B.G. Holleman-Hilderink bred NMK mare Jarina des Vallées (Everdale x Sandro Hit) with her rider Barbara Clement. Jarina des Vallées convinced in 2017 at the IBOP in Oosteind with 81.5 points and was declared ster at the subsequent studbook inspection. The mare, then still owned by Van Olst Horses, received a ticket for the National Mare Inspection at the CK Brabant. In August of the same year, she was sold for 29,000 euros at the Excellent Dressage Sales auction.

Picture: Jarina des Vallées and Charlotte Fry in 2017

Time to look back at the Olympics!

Yesterday Everdale arrived safely back in Den Hout. He’s happy to be home again! Time to look back at the amazing Olympic debut of Charlotte Fry and Everdale!

On July 24, Lottie and Everdale started in the Grand Prix. They rode a super test and this resulted in an international personal best of 77.096%. With this, the combination qualified directly for the Grand Prix Freestyle!

On July 27, it was time for the Grand Prix Special. Together with teammates Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin, Charlotte Fry and Everdale won the Bronze Medal! Team Bronze! An exceptionally good result of which we as Van Olst Horses are particularly proud of!

On July 28, the last part of the competion took place: the Grand Prix Freestyle. Again an amazing test which resulted in 80.614%! A perfect way to finish Lottie’s first ever Olympics and we are very proud of her and Everdale!

Everdale and Charlotte winn BRONZE!!

A view minutes ago the Grand Prix Special was ridden in Tokyo during the Olympic Games and Charlotte Fry and Everdale together with her teammates Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin won the Bronze Medal! An exceptionally good result of which we as Van Olst Horses are particularly proud of!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, is already the last day where the Freestyle to music is scheduled. Here too Lottie will ride once more, the times are yet to be announced.

Tomorrow Special for Everdale, Fendi and Elegance

Tomorrow Charlotte Fry and Everdale (s. Lord Leatherdale) will start in the Grand Prix Special at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Severo Jurado Lopez and Fendi (s. Negro), and Beatriz Ferrer-Salat and Elegance (s. Negro) will also start in the Special.

In addition, Lottie and Everdale as well as Beatriz Ferrer-salat and Elegance have qualified for the freestyle to music, which will be ridden on wednesday.

We wish all three combinations the best of luck!

Picture: Severo & Fendic

Money Penny (s. Everdale) champion of CK Brabant

The four-year-old mare Money Penny became champion of the four- to seven-year-old dressage mares at the Central Inspection at de Mortel last weekend. ”A more than sufficiently developed mare, she has a very good trot in which she remains remarkably well closed. Her flexibility in movement is also very positive”, commented inspector Bart Bax. Money Penny’s dam performs in the international Small Tour.

Money Penny (Everdale x Krack C) was declared ‘ster’ with 80/85 and became now ‘voorlopig keur’. The mare is bred by Miléna Aubry and owned by Maarten and Nicole Donkers.

Source: KWPN