Zuchthof Klatte new partner-station

We are proud to announce that Zuchthof Klatte has become our new partner-station for Germany.

Via Zuchthof Klatte our stallions Negro (Ferro x Variant), Painted Black (Gribaldi x Ferro), Everdale (Lord Leatherdale x Negro) Glamourdale (Lord Leatherdale x Negro), Jayson (Johnson x Negro) and Kjento (Negro x Jazz) are also available daily in Germany, via fresh and frozen semen.

On 9th January 2019 Glamourdale and Kjento can be seen in Germany, with rider Charlotte Fry, during the K+K Cup Stallion Show in Munster. On Friday 22nd March our stallions can be seen in the North East of the Netherlands, in Exloo.

On 13th April 2019 we will also be present with several of our stallions, during the Zuchthof Klatte Stallion Show in Lastrup.


Our own stallion show in Den Hout will be on Easter Sunday 21st April.

Negro-son Reserve Champion VSN Trophy

Negro-son Kevin Kostner Texel finished in a splendid 2nd place in the final of the 2018 VSN Trophy. The impressive black Negro-son received a 10 from the guest test-rider Thamar Zweistra. “A horse that moves upwards and that has a lot of power”, according to Thamar. Also in the top five was the Everdale-son Kenndale.



Kevin Costner Texel: Negro x Jazz x Alcatraz

Kenndale: Everdale x Special D. x Goodtimes

Everdale-daughter scores highest points

During the IBOP test in Oosteind last Tuesday 18th December, the Everdale-daughter Kahlua scored the highest points.

This elegant mare showed herself to have great allure and carriage and allowed herself to be easily ridden by our stable rider Juan Rodriquez Carvajal. For the trot, canter, carriage and rideability she scored an 8.5. Her final score totalled 81 points. Juan also rode Kayleigh NA to a splendid score of 80 points. The Negro-daughter scored an 8.0 for each of the sections.

IBOP Oosteind

Kahlua: Everdale x Scandic-Breeders; J.& S. van Eekeren, Bergen op Zoom (81 points)

Kayleigh NA: Negro x Lord Leatherdale-Breeder; N. van Rooijen, Lage Zwaluwe (80 points)

Kalua: Negro x Montreal-Breeder; P. van de Brandt, Volkel (76 points)

Izzy-Lo: Chippendale x Polansky-Breeder; J. Rodenburg, Ouderkerk aan den IJssel (80 points)


IBOP Tolbert

K-Pax MG: Lord Leatherdale x Oscar-Breeder; M. Overberg, Heerde (77 points)

Jutah: Everdale x Gribaldi-Breeder; M. Holwerda, Drachtster Compagnie (76.5 points)






Good scores during IBOP-tests

The last few weeks were once again taken up with the IBOP-tests for mares. Several of our stallions’ offspring showed themselves well under saddle and passed their performance test with good points.


Japie Fleur F: Everdale x Welt Hit II-Breeder; Stoeterij Fleurstables, Zuidschermer (75 points)



Jingaloo: Everdale x Sir Fashion-Breeder; M. Reyn, Rockanje (75 points)

Inana B: Painted Black x Jazz-Breeder; Combinatie Bleeker, Nijverdal (82 points)



Jess: Chippendale x Havidoff-Breeder; D. Roefs, Loosbroek (75 points)

Kamaris B: Chippendale x Jazz-Breeder; A. Bijvelds, Erp (76.5 points)

Kaatje: Fairytale x Wynton-Breeder; L. van Grunsven, Lithoijen (77 points)

Karina C: George Clooney x Special D-Breeder; H. Crum, Heteren (76 points)








Painted Black hengst

Painted Black-daughter 82 points in the IBOP in Lisse

During the IBOP test in Lisse the top score of the day went to the five-year-old Inana B (Painted Black out of Emma B pref PROK by Jazz), bred by Combinatie Bleeker from Nijverdal. With a 9 for trot and an 8.5 for carriage & balance and rideability and trainability, she finished on 82 points.

 “This is a very nice, complete mare with a fantastic trot technique”, wrote Dirk Reijne enthusiastically who was judging together with Floor Dröge. “She has a good hind leg action and can switch movement well. In addition, she has good self-carriage, good trainability and is a beautiful, uphill-built mare.” Thanks to this good IBOP, Inana B now has Elite status.







Bron: KWPN

Jayson hengst

Good 5th place for Jayson in stallion competition

On Wednesday 12th December there was a splendid 5th place for Jayson with Franka Loos during the second edition of the 2018/2019 stallion competition in Ermelo.

Once again Jayson demonstrated his excellent walk for which he scored an 8.5. The trot and canter were again characterised by good technique and power. The judging panel was very positive in their commentary about Jayson and see great possibilities for him as future top dressage horse. The final score was 83 points.



Jayson: Johnson x Negro x Wisconsin x Amor-Breeder; W.J.P.M. Verschuren, Heukelom


Chippendale-son nominated for 3rd viewing

Monday 10th December was dominated by the post-inspection in Ermelo. Here, the last stallions tried for a referral to the stallion inspection in Den Bosch which will be held from 30th January to 2nd February.

Chippendale-son Crosby received a referral for the third viewing. The older stallions follow a different route. As Crosby as a 7-year-old is competing at Intermediare I-level he was not assessed loose in the pen. In the coming period several of his offspring will be assessed by the committee. During the 3rd viewing it is decided whether an older stallion will be referred for the 5-day stable inspection in Ermelo.


Crosby: Chippendale x Ferro x Flemmingh-Breeders; TH. & J. Deenen, Heijen

Successful first viewing in Ermelo

With just the post-inspection still to go, there were once again a number of very interesting 2.5 year-old stallions selected for the second viewing during the 2019 Stallion Inspection in Den Bosch. Glamourdale scored well with 4 sons referred and 2 well-bred George Clooney stallions are also through.

The following stallions from our training yard are through to the next round:

  • 330 Crosby x Dimaggio x Florestan-Breeder; M. Streppel, Lemelerveld
  • 440 Glamourdale x Tango x Junior-Breeder; C. van den Bogert, Hedel
  • 442 Glamourdale x Jazz x Havidoff-Breeder; H. Verthriest, Nevele
  • 443 Glamourdale x Davino x Jazz-Breeder; van Os Family, Sprang -Capelle
  • 539 Sir Donnerhall x Hemmingway x Zuidhorn-Breeder; S. Kleuskens, Horst
  • Also through are:
  • 439 Glamourdale x Houston x Democraat-Breeder; H. de Man, Spijk
  • 430 George Clooney x Jazz x Darwin-Breeder; A. Bijvelds, Erp
  • 431 George Clooney x Tuschinski x Osmium-Breeder; G. Verhoeven, Biezenmortel
  • 534 Negro x Tenerife VDL x Flemmingh-Breeder; R. van Erp, Oss


Breeders and owners, congratulations!

Photo: Glamourdale x Jazz x Havidoff

Everdale son fetches €380.000 at PSI auction

An average of almost 400,000 Euro for a jumping horse and a good 290,000 Euro for a dressage horse. Those are the impressive figures from the 2018 PSI-Auction.

At the auction, held by Ullrich Kasselmann and Paul Schockemöhle, the 4-year-old Everdale-son, Evergreen (ds.Don Davidoff), was also sold for €380.000. Once again a nice success on the C.V. of Everdale, who is becoming increasingly well known as a producer of very talented sports horses.



Van Olst-blood in abundance in VSN-final

Following three pre-selections in the Netherlands, 28 dressage horses have been selected for the VSN final in Kootwijkerbroek on 27th December. Of these, 7 are offspring of our stallions.

Selected are:

  • KK’s Hey Brother (Lord Leatherdale x Jazz)
  • Kwibus HD (Lord Leatherdale x Jazz)
  • K. (George Clooney x Tolando)
  • Kenndale (Everdale x Special D)
  • Kingston (Everdale x Bordeaux)
  • Kevin Costner Texel (Negro x Jazz)
  • Keano (Glamourdale x Flemmingh)

Photo credit: Digishots