Studbook inspection Den Hout: 85/85 for Kjento daughter Peru Dos

At the studbook inspection today in Den Hout, 26 dressage horses were presented. Of these, 23 became ster, including six with at least 80/80. Top scorer was the by Gerard de Bruyn bred Peru Dos (Kjento x Krack C) of Gertjan and Anne van Olst.


With an upper beam of 85/85, Peru Dos (Kjento out of Cadanz A elite IBOP-dres by Krack C, breeder Gerard de Bruyn of Schelluinen) of Van Olst Horses was the best scoring mare of the day. For her trot she received 90 points.

“This is an athletically built, well in the rectangular model mare with lots of front, a strong topline and well-developed foundation. She strides with good body use, tact and space. In trot she has lots of power and power, a good leg technique, lots of balance and she can switch easily. In canter she shows a very nice silhouette, in which she goes uphill and can easily change,” says Bart Bax enthusiastically who judged the horses together with Floor Dröge.



Three mares became star with 80/85. First, Passiana (Taminiau out of Gabriana V.O.D. ster PROK by Uphill) by breeder Joanneke van Os from Sprang-Capelle. “This mare has lots of charisma, a beautiful front with expressive head, a well-muscled neck in which she could still have a fraction more length, a good withers/shoulders and well-developed feet. She steps actively with good stride, she trots light-footed with a good use of the hind leg and in this she needs little speed to balance well.


Pearl B

With the same upper beam, the Jayson daughter Pearl B (out of Gwendolyn ster PROK by Lord Leatherdale, breeder A.J. Bakker of Alkmaar) of Van Olst Horses won ster. “This is a sufficiently developed, well-set in the rectangular model mare with an expressive head, good neck shape and strong topline. In her feet this 1.63m mare could have a little more development. She steps actively, spacious, with power and body use. She trots light-footed, with good impulsion and switchability. In canter she has a lot of jump and power, where for even higher marks she could show a little more flexion in the hind leg.”


Passie Bloem

Gertjan van Olst also did good business with the 80/85-scoring, homebred Passiebloem (Lantanas out of Fresia ster PROK by Negro). “An ample, long-lined mare who is upwardly built and has a lot of charisma. She has a well-muscled neck and strong topline. Her walk is tactful and active, where she could show a little more body use. In her light-footed trot she has good suppleness, posture and leg technique. In canter her looseness stands out, she brings her hind leg well under the mass and stays well closed.”



Van Olst’s Pegasus (Glamourdale by Kalua elite IBOP-dres PROK by Negro, breeder Piet van de Brandt of Volkel) also walked to the ster predicate with 85 points, she additionally received 75 points for conformation. “This sufficiently developed mare stands well in the rectangular model and has a slightly heavy head/neck connection. Her neck is of good shape and muscling, in her topline she could be a bit stronger, her foundation is more than sufficiently correct. She appreciates herself positively in trot and canter: she trots with a lot of leg technique, space, balance and a good undergoing hind leg. For her canter they could give her 90 points, in that she has a lot of power and balance, she can switch and change easily, and continues to canter very well on the hind leg and in posture. Her walk is active but in that she could show more looseness and space.”


Good Kjento’s

Ster with 80/80 were Perica (Kjento by Dulcia ster by Krack C, breeder M. Streppel from Lemelerveld) of Van Olst Horses and the gelding Power (Kjento by Uzella elite PROK by Gribaldi, breeder P.G.H. van Loon from Galder) of Van Olst Horses, with whom their sire showed his calling card.


“Perica is an amply developed and ditto long-lined mare with a nice front, strong topline and good croup. Her foundation is hard and correct. In walk she is diligent, has good reach and body use. In trot she is light-footed and moves with suppleness, good reach and leg technique. In canter she has good scope and jump, in that she could hold her balance a little better in the turns.”

“The three-year-old gelding Power is generously developed, stands well in the rectangular model, has a nice topline and well-developed foundation. He strides with power, tact and body use. In trot he has good posture and moves uphill nicely from the hind leg, where he could have a little more shoulder freedom. Also in canter we see his good posture and balance, he needs little speed in it.”

Star predicate
Also competing were Perla Marrone V (Kjento out of Betwina ster PROK by Johnson) by breeders I.C.N. and I. Veeke from Standdaarbuiten (75/80), Passadena (Negro out of Evalira elite EPTM-dres D-OC by Jazz, breeder A. van den Broek from Boekel) by Van Olst Horses (75/80), Petra (Jayson out of Cairo prest PROK by Samarant, breeder R. Kroonen from Schin op Geul) from Van Olst Horses (75/80) and Prima Donna (Glamourdale out of First Donna C ster pref PROK by Jazz) by breeder H. Verthriest from Nevel (70/80) with 80 points for movement today to the ster predicate.



Qualifier World Championship Young Dressage Horses

On Tuesday 5 July, the last selection was ridden for the World Championships for young dressage horses, which will be held in Ermelo this year.

Van Olst Horses had three “irons in the fire” in the five-year-old class:
Everest, Especial x Negro, bred by Van Olst Hores and ridden by Phoebe Peters,
Nalegro, Painted Black x Negro, bred by the Hanse family from Burgh-Haamstede and Van Olst Horses and ridden by Charlotte Fry,
Nacho, Negro x Krack C, breeder S. Maakenschijn from Chaam and ridden by Charlotte Fry.

All three horses showed themselves as expected and then it’s a matter of waiting to see what the selection committee would decide…

Both Everest and Nalegro have been selected to participate in the World Championship and Nacho is reserve! Very proud that two self-bred horses under two different riders have been selected to participate in this event!

Photo: Everest

Huge PB for Everdale in Aachen

Everdale and Lottie just rode the rest of there live in the freestyle in Aachen. With a personal best of 87.515%, the black tyrant showed to be in the prime of his life. Where he scored 85% at the first outdoor competition in Compiegne in May of this year, a good 2% could be added just 7 weeks later! With a fourth place in this very strong field, this was a top conclusion of 4 days of dressage sport in the always amazing Aachen!

Everdale 3e in Aken, zijn zoon Imhotep wordt 2e

Zoals ieder jaar is er ook dit jaar een Nations Cup dressuur in Aken. Lottie is geselecteerd met Everdale om aan deze landenwedstrijd mee te doen. De 14-jarige hengst is topfit en leek in de week voor het concours zeer goed in vorm te zijn.
Als derde combinatie van team GB betrad het duo het stadion voor hun test en dat deden ze met verve! Een score van 78,913% belandde op het scorebord, wat weer een nieuw PR is voor dit duo en een derde plek in dit zeer sterke deelnemersveld.

Het is al bekend dat Everdale als vererver vele sportpaarden heeft voortgebracht die internationaal doorbreken. Eén van deze paarden is de 10-jarige ruin Imhotep, mv. Vivaldi, gereden door Charlotte Dujardin. Als laatste starter voor team GB behaalde ze een resultaat van 79,782%, waarmee ze op de 2e plaats eindigden!
Een bijzonder podium in Aken, vader en zoon op de 2e en 3e plaats!

Aachen 2023

After Lottie was already present in Aachen this weekend for the opening ceremony, she is now there to participate in the competition.
Lars van de Hoenderheide, s. Negro is participating in the 4* competition that is organized next to the 5* competition. And in Aachen only the world’s best horses take part and the starting list of the 4* Grand Prix is filled with big names and well-known horses.

In this Grand Prix Lottie rode the chestnut gelding to a good 75% which was good for a second place!

Photo: sire Negro

Especial in show evening “Pferd und Sinfonie” in Aachen

Every year, the CHIO Aachen kicks off with a show in which music and equestrian sports meet. This year, the organization chose Great Britain as partner country and of course world champion Charlotte Fry could not be missed in this show.
She rode this show on the gray Especial, Everdale x Vivaldi, breeder C. van Bavel from Oosterhout, who competes internationally in the Grand Prix. Fun fact is that his son Everest has been admitted to the final round of the World Cup selections for the Netherlands.
Accompanied by the Aachen Symphony Orchestra, they rode a beautiful Freestyle that was also particularly attractively lit.

Watch the video on YouTube here


Big scores for Charlotte Fry with Inclusive and Especial: ‘Very cool that I ride two Everdales in the Grand Prix’

Charlotte Fry stood out today in the Grand Prix at the Subtop competition in Hoek van Holland. With Inclusive (by Everdale) she won the class with a score of 72.717% and with Especial, also a son of Everdale, she came second with a total of 71.413%. “Both horses went very well and showed their talents,” says Fry, who not only had the highest score in the class, but also the highest score of the day. “This is a really nice start to the summer season with these two.”

It was the first time outside for both horses and although that was still a bit exciting, they both let themselves be ridden well. “I always find it a little easier for the horses at an international competition because they are there for a few days and have a little more chance to get used to it, but I really couldn’t be more satisfied today,” continues Fry. “Inclusive thought it was a bit exciting for the first time outside, but he showed himself very well in the test. He has a huge talent for the piaffe and passage and we had nines for that on the protocol today. There were some small things that I can do better myself, but overall it was a really nice test.”

Getting stronger

In addition to the good points for the piaffe and the passage, the duo also received good points for the canter part. “I notice in the test that I can ask more of Inclusive every time and that it is becoming easier and easier for him,” continues the stable rider of Van Olst Horses. “He surprises me every time with that, he is of course also getting stronger. You can see this, for example, in the tempi changes, which scored  8.5s today and were really among the highlights of the test.”


For Especial it was the second time at the highest level and with him Fry was also about six percent separate from the rest of the competition. “Especial is still green at this level, but he really showed his talents today,” said Fry. “He gives a very nice feeling and, just as Inclusive, he has a lot of talent for piaffe and passage. If he gets a little more experience and stays a bit more relaxed in the test, those scores can go up a lot.”

Just like Everdale

“Of course I have several horses at the highest level and I am really very happy with that, but I also think it is really special that with these two I now also have two sons of Everdale in the Grand Prix”, says Fry proudly . “It is really nice to feel that they are very flexible and elastic just like their father and also have just as much energy. They always feel like they want to do the job and you can tell they enjoy being in the center of attention. It is very nice to work with them.”


Fry does not yet have a fixed schedule for Inclusive and Especial, but if possible she would like to take them internationally. “For me, the focus is currently mainly on Glamourdale, Everdale and Lars for the international competitions, but if I succeed I will also try to include Inclusive and Especial”, Fry looks ahead. “If those two get a little more confidence and experience, they will also be two very special ones.”


Source: Horses

Photo: Inclusive

Most expensive filly in Oldenburg by Kjento

Last weekend the first foal auction took place at the Oldenburger studbook. The collection included a filly by Kjento x Vivaldi x Kir Royal bred by Günter Söhnel from Gehrde. The foal, which descends from the same line as Glock’s Energy, was sold to Canada for € 33,000.

Photo: Oldenburg studbook

Day 3 Compiegne

For the horses in the 5* class in Compiegne, the Grand Prix Special and the Kur to music were ridden on Sunday. Lottie chose to ride Everdale in the Kur to music.

Everdale, Lord Leatherdale x Negro bred by Piet Kluytmans from Tilburg, was in good shape and showed why he belongs to the top of the world. He trots with great technique and scope, piaffes like clockwork, his passage is high off the ground with power and impulsion. The canter is incredibly uphill and the pirouettes turned on a dime, in short, everything a top dressage horse needs. The score in the freestyle came to 85.675%, which was again an improvement on his personal best!

Looking back on three days of sport in Compiegne, we cannot be more than pleased with the form of these three horses: Lars who scores a PB in both the Grand Prix and the Freestyle to music, Jackson who proves to be a real future horse for Lottie and also gets a PB in the Prix st. Georges and then of course Everdale who is still getting more powerful and more consistent and also scored a PB in the freestyle to music.

The Saturday in Compiegne

After the victories of Lars in the 3* Grand Prix and Jackson in the Prix St. George, Everdale was the first horse to enter the arena on Saturday for his Grand Prix test in the 5* competition.
Everdale his last competition was in Mechelen in December last year and Compiegne was therefore the first (outdoor) competition of this year. Fresh as ever, he went through the test, where it was noticeable that the whole exuded a little more ease than in Mechelen. For example, the piaffe was even more powerful, even more in rhythm and with even more balance, the canter changes scored several nines and nines were also given for the pirouettes. The final score of the duo was 77.413% and a second place.

Then it was Jackson’s turn to make his appearance in the Intermediare I. The son of Everdale, who was bred by Van Olst Horses out of the full sister of the Olympic horse Elegance, made a few small mistakes which pushed the score a little, bringing the total to 72.382%, which is still a very good score. With these points, the duo ended up in third place, 0.3% behind number 2 and 0.5% behind number 1.
The first place was taken today by that other son of Everdale in this class, Everian L ridden by Anna Kasprzak.

On this busy day for Lottie, the Freestyle was also on the program with Lars van de Hoenderheide. The chestnut with its striking broad blaze seems to be born for the highest level. With all the ease in the world he shakes one exercise after another up his sleeve in which he does not seem to have any weak points. If you score no lower than a seven and your highest score is a 9.5 then you have no weaknesses. The score came out at 81.210%, a well-deserved first place and more than 4% difference with the number 2.

Photo: Everdale