83.5 points for Glamourdale daughter Ocean

The IBOP test took place in Tolbert on November 14th. With a 9 for the canter, Ocean (Glamourdale out of Fernanda M ster by Krack C, breeder Th.M. Haarman from Heeten) owned by Astrid Reinders and J. Jansen from Dalfsen achieved the highest score of 83.5 points. This immediately made her an elite mare. “This mare is very easy to ride and work with. She has a good walk with good use of her body. She has an elegant trot with good leg technique and posture. It is striking that it remains nicely collected, even during extensions. In the canter she stands out with her good balance, impulsion, foreleg technique and uphill tendency,” explains Wim Versteeg.

Source: KWPN

Nalegro wins the Stallion Competition in the M-class with 86.2 points

The impressive Nalegro, the Painted Black son out of the full sister of Valegro, stood out in Kronenberg tonight during the Anemone Horse Trucks Stallion Competition M-class. With Charlotte Fry the black stallion impressed with a lot of power and received 86.2 points.
Nalegro (bred by the Hanse family from Burgh Haamstede and Van Olst Horses) received a 9.0 from the judges Patricia Wolters and Marian Dorresteijn tonight for his impressive canter. The trot and general impression earned an 8.9.

“This is a horse with a lot of power, he is very eager,” says Patricia. The walk has good four-stroke and scope. In the trot he has a beautiful foreleg technique and a lot of power, impulsion and bend in the joints. We saw good use of the hind leg. The gallop is active and very powerful.”

Top Prix st Georges debut Kjento

The two-time world champion Kjento (Negro x Jazz), bred by the Van Os family from Sprang Capelle, made his debut in regular sport yesterday. The eight-year-old KWPN stallion made his debut at the Subtop competition in Delft. Rider Charlotte Fry and Kjento rode there very first Prix St. Georges to a great score of 76.692%. In addition to a clear victory, the duo also obtained a coveted ticket for the Prix St. Georges at Jumping Amsterdam.

After the 2022 World Championships for Young Horses in Ermelo, it was Kjento’s first time in the ring again. “I found it very exciting but it went very well. Kjento was great,” Fry praises the stallion. “Kjento is a horse that enjoys his work, is not spooky in the ring and also does the work very easily. A really nice horse to work with!”

With a score of 76.692% they managed to win this competition by force majeure. The protocol includes a whole series of 8’s, 8.5’s and even 9’s for the canter half pass to the right with flying change, the changes on every three strides and the extended canter. “It went very well, but we had a little thing in the first pirouette. I had not prepared it well enough and that caused a small mistake.” But other then that I’m really really happy with this debut.

Kjento daughter Patchouli Vera overall champion Interland Breeding Day

At the Interland Breeding Day in Axel, organized by breeding district Zeeuws Vlaanderen, many breeders and owners gathered on November 4th to have their horses judged on conformation and talent for dressage or jumping.

The dressage horses were presented under saddle to judges Jose van Haren and Karin Nijvelt. The Kjento offspring Patchouli Vera, ridden by Annemijn Boogaard, became overall champion. The mare was bred by F. de Voogd and owned by J. Klap and L. Boogaard.


Kjento daughter wins Kalfsbeek Bokaal at VWF Dressage

Kjento offspring made a great impression last weekend at the VWF Dressage at Manege de Prinsenstad. The two-time World Champion is sire off the winner Patchouli Vera (ds. Bordeaux), but is also of the third-placed Paulina (ds. UB40). Kjento’s father Negro is also known as the grandfather of reserve champion Papillon (Ladignac x Negro).

Patchouli Vera is bred by Annemijn Boogaard (co-breeder and owner F. de Voogd), and made a great appearance under the saddle of her breeder and owner. “A horse with a lot of power and collecting ability and she is straight,” responds test rider Benjamin Maljaars. The mare received an eight for exterior, 8.5 for walk, carriage and elasticity. 8.8s were scored for the trot and general impression, and even a 9.2 for the canter. “A well build horse, strong, lots of body and nicely ridden to relaxation. The walk is powerful, the trot has a lot of power and impulsion and the canter is phenomenal. She pushed off the ground, but still retains the collection. A beautiful horse for the future,” said the jury, consisting of Maljaars and Marian Dorresteijn.

Paulina on three

Paulina, bred by Annet Hartvelt and owned by Linda Hoogendoorn, was ridden by Kim Noordijk. “This is a beautiful, appealing horse, with good proportions with an active walk, a trot with a lot of flexion in the hind leg and uphill. The canter shows a lot of self carriage.” Maljaars remained enthusiastic after the test ride. “She is fun to ride and has a lot of talent.

Source: Horses
Photo: Prinsenstad

Kastel’s Nintendo recognized by the KWPN

The Negro son Kastel’s Nintendo has been recognized by the KWPN board for stud service. The stallion, bred by C. Rommens from Bavel, is bred out of the Monaco mare Rodieni R. In addition to this great stallion, she is also the mother of the Grand Prix horse Top’s Zoë.

Nintendo has been at the highest level in the sport for no less than 10 years. In total he won a Grand Prix 25 times. In a short time, this is the second son of Negro to be recognized by the KWPN, Nespresso was also recognized by the KWPN at the beginning of September.

Silver medal for Lottie and Glamourdale

A thrilling final day of the European Dressage Championships in Riesenbeck ended with a fantastic silver medal in the freestyle to music! It was warm in the sold-out stadium, there was not a breath of wind in the field, but this did not seem to bother the audience. Every combination was encouraged and received a round of applause at the end of the test. And the further the show progressed, the louder the crowd became…

To the music of the “Best of Britain” freestyle, Lottie and Glamourdale showed what they came for, an absolute top test. And the duo was in great form!
Fantastic trot half passes, a very good passage, piaffes like clockwork and then of course the canter! Once again 10’s were awarded for the extended canter and the tempi changes! The pirouettes were also perfect and during the last AC line Lottie and Glamourdale were loudly encouraged by the audience who reinforced the beat of the music with a deafening applause!
A score of 92.379%, was a new personal best an amazing second place!

Team GB wins gold!

After two days of dressage sports in Riesenbeck, the British team wins gold at the European Dressage Championships!
Team members Gareth Hughes with Classic Briolinca started things off on Thursday and immediately managed to achieve a very good score of 74.565%! After this it was Carl Hester’s turn with Fame. With an absolute top test, the British “grandmaster” managed to achieve a score of 78.540%, which immediately meant a big lead over Germany at the end of the first day.

On day 2, Charlotte Dujardin was the third combination for team GB to enter the arena. With Everdale’s son, Imhotep, she delivered a top test, which resulted in a score of 82.422%.
After this it was the turn of our own Charlotte Fry with the great Glamourdale. From the first step he impressed as usual, received 10’s for various parts in trot and canter, and lived up to his nickname “Glamourdale Airlines” in the extended canter!
With a score of 81.258 they scored a big PR and a third place in the individual results.

A top performance by this team! 3 riders in the top 5 and the ‘4th’ man in 12th place. A great victory for team GB!

KWPN recognition for Grand Prix stallion Nespresso

The Grand Prix stallion Nespresso has been nominated for recognition. The General Board has now formalized the application for recognition of this Negro son. The Van Olst Horses stallion, bred by R. van Erp, recently made his international Grand Prix debut.
The fourteen-year-old Nespresso was recently competed by Charlotte Fry in Jardy, France, in the international Grand Prix, where the duo achieved 77.08% and a second place in the freestyle to music. As a young stallion, Nespresso was selected for the performance test.

Nespresso meets the radiological requirements set by the KWPN. The genome breeding value and the exterior do not create any concerns. Nespresso has a genomic breeding value of 100 (48% reliability). He is not a carrier of the WFFS gene.

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