Two Everdale-sons in Subli-Cup final

On Thursday 24th January the final of the Subli-Cup was held during the opening day of Jumping Amsterdam. In the class for 5-year-olds the second place went to Imposant (Everdale x Flemmingh) and Laurens van Lieren with 78 points.

Imposant trots round the ring with great allure and a splendid front leg action. Inferno (Everdale x Trento B), under Quinty Vossers, initially showed a very consistent and constant performance. There is no doubt about the talent of the dark bay gelding. He was a silver medal winner in the Pavo Cup and as three-year-old won the Pluvinel Young Talents Competition in Maren-Kessel. In Amsterdam the canter was a little too enthusiastic and this was followed by a program error. After that, the rider lost it a little and a number of errors occurred. After a lengthy jury consultation the final score was 76.2 percent, which was good for a 4th place.




Lord Leatherdale hengst

Lord Leatherdale-son 2nd in Small Tour

On Wednesday 24th January the Small Tour debut was on the programme for Charlotte Fry and For Your Eyes Only. The big son of Lord Leatherdale x Concorde rode to a splendid 2nd place on a score of 67.28%. “Here and there it was a little hesitant and we missed the 4-time change” according to Lottie. “There is still a lot of progress to be made but for now I am very satisfied”.




For your eyes Only: Lord Leatherdale x Concorde x Goudsmid-Breeders; Familie van Alphen, Gameren


Painted Black hengst

Painted Black offspring score at sub-top competitions

During the sub-top competitions in Rijen and Nieuw-en Sint Josstland last weekend (19th and 20th January), offspring of the preferent Grand Prix stallion Painted Black (Gribaldi x Ferro) were at the top of the leaderboard.

Zingaro-Apple RS2 (Painted Black x Renovo) and Marieke van der Putten won the Grand Prix in Rijen with 71.74%. In Nieuw-en Sint Joostland there was a second place in the Inter I, with 64.48%, for Geert-Jan Raateland with Painted (Painted Black x Sandro Hit).

Negro scores with 2 NRPS-approved sons

Friday 11th January and Saturday 12th January were all about the NRPS inspection test for the new crop of stallions for the NRPS studbook. Our 2 participating Negro-sons Nick (Negro x Monaco) and Niro (Negro x De Niro) returned home to Den Hout with good scores. Both stallions scored high for their canter, willingness to work, stable manners and general impression.

Furthermore, sons of Painted Black and Lord Leatherdale were also registered as stud stallions. Painted Pride (Painted Black x Redford) and Love Just Mickey (Lord Leatehrdale x Negro) developed well during the test and these 2 stallions also received nice score lists from the judges.


  • Niro: Negro x De Niro-Breeder; J. Baloe, Wieuwend
  • Love Just Mickey: Lord Leatherdale x Negro-Breeder; Maatschap Pleijter, Zalk
  • Painted Pride: Painted Black x Redford-Breeder; J. Boeve, Heerde
  • Nick: Negro x Monaco-Breeder; Van Olst Horses, Den Hout







Everdale-daughter scores highest points in IBOP

Under Arjen van Diepen, the five-year-old Everdale-daughter Janis JS scored the highest score in the IBOP in Panningen on Saturday 12th January, where nine of the 13 mares presented passed.

During the studbook inspection in Noord Holland, Janis JS (Everdale out of Rose-Bella stb pref by Belisar), owned by Mrs Schouten in Alkmaar, had already been awarded ster status with 80 points for both conformation and movement loose. Although still green, she proved today to be a very talented mare under the saddle too. “She was clearly the highlight of the day” said Petro Trommelen. “Janis JS can easily switch movement and is very willing to work. In trot she shows a lot of self-carriage meaning she needs no speed to be able to move well. The highest score, a 9, we were able to give to her very pure and active walk. The carriage was still a little variable and we had to take that into consideration in the score for rideability and trainability, but the walk remained even and constant under all circumstances. She has three good basic paces, a lot of elasticity and good carriage and balance.” With a splendid score of 83 points Janis JS earned the IBOP and thus too the elite predicate.

Kassandra-Tessa UDP (Everdale x Houston x Purioso), owned by I. Hoeben-Sanders in Egchel, also passed, with 75 points. This mare scored an 8.5 for her walk and was awarded the IBOP and elite predicate.


Source: KWPN

Glamourdale licensed for the Hanoverian Verband (+video)

On Wednesday 9th January, Kjento (Negro x Jazz) and Glamoudale (Lord Leatherdale x Negro) were present during the splendid Stallion Show in Halle Munsterland. Both stallions made a very good impression and received many enthusiastic reactions from the German public that had shown up in large numbers. Glamourdale was also immediately licensed for the Hanoverian Verband.


View here the link to Kjento’s presentation:

En die van Glamourdale:

Kjento and Jayson approved for Oldenburg Verband

On 8th January our recently approved stallions Kjento (Negro x Jazz) and Jayson (Johnson x Negro) were approved for the Oldenburg Verband.

Both young stallions showed themselves especially well during this home inspection, under the saddle as well as outside in hand. Kjento is the star of the KWPN Autumn Inspection performance test and scored 90 points during his final examination. The highest points ever awarded to a 3-year-old stallion. Jayson was registered with the KWPN via the shortened Autumn Inspection. He too was awarded high scores. Last Summer he was 6th in the Pavo Cup final and he is currently lying in 4th place in the 2018/2019 Stallion Competition. Both stallions attracted attention due to their willingness to work, balance, action and excellent canter. Characteristics that are also interesting to Oldenburg breeders.

Kjento, together with our World Champion Glamourdale (Lord leatherdale x Negro), will be presented to the German breeders during the big Stallion Inspection in Münster on 9th January.

Kjento and Jayson are also available daily in Germany via Zuchthof Klatte in Lastrup. During the Stallion show in Lastrup on 13th April, Jayson and Kjento will also make their appearance.


Kjento: Negro x Jazz x Juventus x Rubinstein I-Breeders; Family van Os, Sprang-Capelle (foto)

Jayson: Johnson x Negro x Wisconsin x Amor-Breeder; W. Verschuren, Heukelom

Everdale main producer IBOP 2018

Just as in 2017, our Grand Prix stallion Everdale (Lord Leatherdale x Negro) was also the sire of the most offspring participating in the IBOP-test, in 2018.

In 2018 there were 27 IBOP’s organised with 416 dressage horses participating. Almost 300 dressage mares passed this test (minimum 75 points). No fewer than 20 successful mares had Everdale as sire. The preferent Negro (Ferro x Variant) also scored well and is in fourth place with 13 offspring.

In the top-10 of the highest-scoring mares in 2018 is Izzy-V (Everdale x Krack C) with 85.5 points, in fourth place. The 5th place is for Jaguar-Utopia (Lord Leatherdale x Negro) with 85 points. Negro-daughter Khaleesi (ds.Don Schufro) is also in the top-10, with 83 points.


Zuchthof Klatte new partner-station

We are proud to announce that Zuchthof Klatte has become our new partner-station for Germany.

Via Zuchthof Klatte our stallions Negro (Ferro x Variant), Painted Black (Gribaldi x Ferro), Everdale (Lord Leatherdale x Negro) Glamourdale (Lord Leatherdale x Negro), Jayson (Johnson x Negro) and Kjento (Negro x Jazz) are also available daily in Germany, via fresh and frozen semen.

On 9th January 2019 Glamourdale and Kjento can be seen in Germany, with rider Charlotte Fry, during the K+K Cup Stallion Show in Munster. On Friday 22nd March our stallions can be seen in the North East of the Netherlands, in Exloo.

On 13th April 2019 we will also be present with several of our stallions, during the Zuchthof Klatte Stallion Show in Lastrup.


Our own stallion show in Den Hout will be on Easter Sunday 21st April.

Negro-son Reserve Champion VSN Trophy

Negro-son Kevin Kostner Texel finished in a splendid 2nd place in the final of the 2018 VSN Trophy. The impressive black Negro-son received a 10 from the guest test-rider Thamar Zweistra. “A horse that moves upwards and that has a lot of power”, according to Thamar. Also in the top five was the Everdale-son Kenndale.



Kevin Costner Texel: Negro x Jazz x Alcatraz

Kenndale: Everdale x Special D. x Goodtimes