Ook Equador succesvol op CDI Compiègne!

De 12 jarige lusitano hengst Equador (Quo Vadis x Hostil) was ook aanwezig op CDI Compiègne. Op zaterdag kwam hij met zijn Portugese ruiter João Miguel TORRAO aan start in de 5* Grand Prix. Ze scoorden hier een mooie 73.174%. Op zondag reed de combinatie een ijzersterke Grand Prix Freestyle. Dit resulteerde in een prachtige score van 77.490%, goed voor een tweede plaats. Hoogtepunten waren de piaffe/passage en de galoptour.

Equador is middels diepvries sperma beschikbaar bij van Olst Horses.

“Equador is leaving a very important legacy for the future of Dressage, marking its offspring with four fundamental qualities: power, balance, and rideability. The main innovation he brought to the Lusitano is his incredible canter capacity, his carrying power, the easiness on extending and shortening his strides, the direction of movement, and his ability to ground cover without losing the quality of the canter. This derives a lot from his strength, leading international top judges to give him marks of 9 and even 10 in canter exercises. On top of that, the enormous expression in the execution of this exercises, which reflects the Lusitano breed pattern. Equador foals have shown so far to inherite all father qualities: great and sweet character, uphill conformation, strong topline and three very good gaits.